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PAGE (Edward)
Holderness Drainage. The Report of Mr. Edward Page, upon the Better Drainage of the Lands within the Level of the Holderness Drainage. 3rd May 1831.
1831 £145.00
PARKER (Thomas N.)
An Essay of the Construction, Hanging, and Fastening of Gates; Exemplified in Six Quarto Plates.
1804 £275.00
Newcastle-upon-Tyne: its Trade and Manufactures.
1874 £38.00
PORTER (Charles T.)
A Treatise on the Richards Steam-Engine Indicator, (Manufactured by Elliott Bros., London,) and the Development and Application of Force in the Steam-Engine.
1874 £35.00
Cruchley's Railway and Station Map of Yorkshire, Showing all the Railways & Names of Stations, also the Turnpike Roads, Gentlemen's Seats, &c. &c. Improved from the Ordnance Surveys.
1869 £185.00
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Early Railways Prints, Drawings, Books etc. For Sale by Frank T. Sabin.
1954 £14.00
RANDALL (Joseph)
(Pursuant to the notice thrown out by the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.) The Construction and Extensive use of a Newly Invented Universal Seed-Furrow Plough (from time to time expos'd to the public view of abundance of people.) Upon an easy, steady principle, suited to all soils, stiff or light, level or ridg'd; and capable of sowing all sorts of seeds, in three rows, thicker or thinner, deeper or shallower, and the furrows or rows nearer or further asunder, just as the owner pleases. Also, by the invitation of the Society, the construction of a draining plough, upon a very simple principle. Both published with a view, that the ingenious may, within the Society's limited time, see what is wanting to put the finishing hand to a seed-furrow, and also to a draining plough. With the construction and use of a potatoe-drill machine, pointing out the benefit arising from this wholesale culture, to the land, and to some the live-stock. To which is added, an essay on the theory of a common plough, in order to find, by geometrical construction, the angles which give the share exact land and earth at all depths, and which ballance the motions of the plough.
1764 £695.00
A New Method of Brewing Malt Liquor, in Small Quantities for Domestic use.
1807 £295.00
REES (David Morgan)
Warmsworth Hall. Head Office of the British Ropes Group of Companies. A short history by David Morgan Rees.
1971 £25.00
Register of the Arts and Sciences. Volume the Third. Containing a Correct Account of several Hundred of The most Important and Interesting Inventions, Discoveries, and Processes. Illustrated with upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Engravings.
1826 £45.00
Anno Regni George 111. Regis..... An Act..... for repairing the Road from the City of York, to Boroughbridge, in the County of York. Royal Assent, 17th March, 1818.
1818 £48.00
Building Designs. [Title taken from the spine].
3752 £85.00
Rare and Interesting Books on Science Mainly Related to Transport and Technology. Catalogue 865.
1969 £9.00
SEYMOUR (Edward Adolphus, 11th Duke of Somerset)
Alternate Circles and their connexion with the Ellipse. By the Duke of Somerset.
1850 £140.00
SEYMOUR (Edward Adolphus, 11th Duke of Somerset)
A Treatise in which the elementary properties of the Ellipse are deduced from the properties of the Circle and Geometrically demonstrated. By the Duke of Somerset.
1843 £135.00
SHAW (James)
Plans, Elevations, and Sections; with Observations and Explanations, of Forcing-Houses, in Gardening. By James Shaw, Gardener to the Right Hon. Lord Mulgrave.
1794 £5500.00
SIMPSON (William)
Observations on Cold Bathing. By William Simpson, Surgeon at Knaresbro', and Member of the Corporation of Surgeons of London.
1791 £295.00
Railway Intelligence, January, 1877. No. XIX. Under the sanction of the Committee of the Stock Exchange.
1877 £35.00
SMALL (James)
A Treatise on Ploughs and Wheel Carriages, illustrated by Plates, by James Small and Cart Wright, formerly at Blackadder-Mount, now at Rose-Bank, near Foord, Mid Lothian.
1784 £545.00
The Report of John Smeaton, Engineer, concerning the Drainage of the North Level of the Fens, and the Outfall of the Wisbeach River.
1768 £195.00
Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica: Catalogue of Works in Many Tongues on Exact and Applied Science, with a Subject-Index. Compiled by H. Z[eitlinger] H.C. S[otheran].
1968 £295.00
The Printer's Price-Book, Containing the Master Printer's Charges to the Trade for Printing Works of Various Descriptions, Sizes, Types and Pages; Also, a New, Easy, and Correct Method of Casting off Manuscript and other Copy, Exemplified in Specimen Pages of Different Sizes and Types...
1814 £695.00
SWAN (John)
Explanation of an Improved Mode of Tanning; laid down from Practical Results; Intended to Accompany the New Invented Barktrometer, which will be found an unerring guide to the True Art of Tanning.
1821 £225.00
History of the Old Trent Bridge, with a Descriptive Account of New Bridge, Nottingham. Illustrated with Photographs.
1871 £40.00
The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840.
1966 £45.00

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