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COLBY (Colonel T. F.)
Ordnance Survey of the County of Londonderry. Volume the First [all published].
1837 £275.00
Memoire sur les differentes manieres de se servir de l'elasticite de l'air atmospherique comme force motrice sur les chemins de fer. Une de ces manieres constitue les chemins de fer atmospheriques proprement dits.
1846 £35.00
DICAS (John)
Directions for Using the Patent Saccharometer, for brewing ale and beer, at all times to the same strength, also shewing the comparative value of malt, &c. Invented by the late John Dicas, and for upwards of sixteen years, made only by his daughter and successor, Mary Arstall, late Mary Dicas, mathematical instrument maker, Liverpool: the only proprietor of the patent, who, for some time previous to the decease of her father, assisted in making the above instruments. The manufactory of the patent saccharometers, hydrometers, and lacto-meters, was for some time carried on by M. Arstall, under the firm of Dicas & Co.
1814 £345.00
FIELD (George)
Rudiment of the Painters' Art; or a grammar of colouring applicable to operative paintings, decorative architecture, and the arts, with coloured illustrations and practical instructions concerning the modes and materials of painting, etc.
1858 £50.00
An Introductory Outline of the Practice of Ship-Building, &c. &c.
1825 £345.00
FRY (Joseph Storrs)
An Essay on the Construction of Wheel-Carriages, as they affect both the Roads and the Horses; with Suggestions relating to the principles on which Tolls ought to be imposed, and a few remarks on the Formation of Roads.
1820 £625.00
FUNK (Franz Ernst Thedor)
Versuch einer auf Theorie und Erfahrung gegrundeten Darstellung der wichtigsten Lehren der Hydrotechnik. Erster Band [all published], von der Bewegung des Wassers in Strom- und Flussbetten handelnd.
1820 £275.00
Trefousse & Cie. Megisserie, Teinture, Manufacture de Gants / Trefousse & Co. Dressing, Dyeing & Manufacture of Gloves.
1874 £350.00
GLYNN (Joseph)
A Report on the Drainage of Levens, Underbarrow, and Helsington.
1838 £25.00
The Report of John Golborne, Engineer, concerning the Drainage of the North Level of the Fens, and the Outfal of the Wisbeach River.
1769 £110.00
GORDON (Alexander)
Description of the Fumific Impeller; shewing the direct application of Hot Products of Combustion to the Bodies on which they are required to act, without the intervention of Machinery.
1845 £65.00
The Smelting of Copper in the Swansea District of South Wales, From the Time of Elizabeth to the Present Day.
1881 £75.00
GRAY (Andrew)
The Plough-Wright's Assistant; or, a Practical Treatise on Various Implements Employed in Agriculture.
1808 £245.00
An Act for enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation to complete the same; and for altering and enlarging the Powers of the several Acts passed for making the said Canal.
1805 £60.00
Mechanick Dialling: or, the New Art of Shadows: freed from many Obscurities, Superfluities and Errors of Former Writers upon this Subject, The whole laid down after so plain a Method that any Person (tho' a Stranger to the Art) with a Pair of Compasses and Common Ruler only, may make a Dial upon any Plane for any Place in the World, as well as those who have attained to the greatest Knowledge and Perfection in Mathematicks. Illustrated with many Copper Plates, and examples of Dials for London, Exeter, Bristol, Worcester, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Norwich, Lincoln, Chester, Liverpool, York, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham, Edinburgh, Dublin, &c. To which are added, 1. A Choice of Mottos in Latin and English. 2. A New and Correct Alphabetical Table of the most eminent Cities, Towns, in the whole World; shewing the Elevation of the Pole, and the Difference of their Meridian from London. 3. The bart and most approved Methods of Painting Sun Dials.
1737 £250.00
La Mécanique des gens du monde, ou les moteurs rendus plus puissants, plus nombreux, plus économiques, plus utiles et plus faciles à employer ; ouvrage nécessaire à toutes les classes de la société, et principalement aux riches propriétaires, pour l'embellissement des parcs, châteaux, maisons de plaisance, etc. etc. ; et, par la simplicité de l'exécution et la multiplicité des moyens, à la portée des exploitations rurales les plus modestes. Par Legris.
1824 £65.00
LEWIS (C.T. Courtney)
The Story of Picture Printing in England During the Nineteenth Century or Forty Years of Wood and Stone.
1928 £50.00
The London Mechanics' Register. Vol. I, no. 1, November 1824 - no. 27, April 1825; Vol. II, no. 29, May 1825 - no. 55, October 1825.
1824 £85.00
LOZZI (Carlo)
Delle Origini della Stampa.
1881 £20.00
M'ADAM (John Loundon)
Remarks on the Present System of Road Making; with observations, deduced from practice and experience, with a view to a revision of the existing laws, and the introduction of improvement in the method of making, repairing, and preserving roads, and defending the road funds from misapplication.
1821 £110.00
A Treatise of the Motion of Water, and other fluids: with the origin of Fountains or Springs, and the Cause of Winds Written originally in French..... and translated into English, with several annotations for explaining the doubtful places, by J. T. Desaguliers.
1718 £675.00
MARTIN (Benjamin)
The Description and Use of a New, Portable, Table Air-Pump and Condensing Engine. With a Select Variety of Capital Experiments, which, together with different Parts of the Apparatus and Glasses, are Illustrated by upwards of Forty Copper-Plate Figures.
1788 £375.00
An Epitome of the Elementary Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. Part the First [all published]. Comprehending the general Properties of Matter, Mechanics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics. And a copious Account of the Invention, Progress, and Present State of the Steam Engine; being the substance of a Course of Lectures on these subjects, delivered at the Royal and London Institutes, and at Guy's Hospital, Southwark.
1823 £325.00
OBERLIN (Jacques)
Essai d'Annales de la Vie de Jean Gutenberg, Inventeur de la Typographie.
1801 £65.00
PAGE (Edward)
Holderness Drainage. The Report of Mr. Edward Page, upon the Better Drainage of the Lands within the Level of the Holderness Drainage. 3rd May 1831.
1831 £145.00

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