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COOKERY. [RUNDELL (Maria Eliza)]
A New System of Domestic Cookery; Formed upon Principles of Economy; And adopted to the use of Private Families.
1809 £95.00
Gastronomy: or, the School for Good Living; a literary and historical essay on the European kitchen, beginning with Cadmus the cook and king, and concluding with the union of cookery and [sic] chymistry.
1822 £75.00
Cookery Made Easy: being a complete system of domestic management, uniting elegance with economy...
1825 £165.00
DICAS (John)
Directions for Using the Patent Saccharometer, for brewing ale and beer, at all times to the same strength, also shewing the comparative value of malt, &c. Invented by the late John Dicas, and for upwards of sixteen years, made only by his daughter and successor, Mary Arstall, late Mary Dicas, mathematical instrument maker, Liverpool: the only proprietor of the patent, who, for some time previous to the decease of her father, assisted in making the above instruments. The manufactory of the patent saccharometers, hydrometers, and lacto-meters, was for some time carried on by M. Arstall, under the firm of Dicas & Co.
1814 £345.00
Four Centuries of Food and Drink.
Catalogue of a Collection of Books and Manuscripts of the 15th to 20th Century on Food and Wine from the Well Known Library of Harry Schraemli.
1971 £18.00
HAZLEHURST (Priscilla)
The Family Friend, and Young Woman's Companion; or Housekeeper's Instructor : Containing a very complete collection of Original and Approved Receipts, in every Branch of Cookery, Confectionary, &c. &c.
1820 £295.00
LEMERY (Louis)
A treatise of all sorts of foods, both animal and vegetable: also of drinkables: Giving an Account How to chuse the best Sort of all Kinds; Of the good and bad Effects they produce; the Principles they abound with; the Time, Age and Constitution they are adapted to. Wherein their Nature and Use is explain'd according to the Sentiments of the most eminent Physicians and Naturalists Antient and Modern. The Whole divided into one Hundred seventy-six Chapters. With Remarks upon each. Written originally in French. By the Learned M. L. Lemery, Physician to the King, and Member of the Royal Academy. Translated by D. Hay, M. D. To which is added, An Introduction treating of Foods in general: A Table of the Chapters, and an Alphabetical Index. A Work of universal Use to all who are inclin'd to know the good or bad Qualities of what they eat or drink.
1745 £475.00
MACLEAN (Virginia)
Short-Title Catalogue of Household and Cookery Books Published in the English Tongue 1701-1800.
1981 £12.00
Food and Drink Through the Ages 2500 B.C. to 1937 A.D. A Catalogue of Antiquities, Manuscripts, Books, and Engravings Treating of Cookery, Eating and Drinking Including Books from the Library and with the Bookplate of Robert Viel, the Famous Paris Restaurateur. Catalogue 645.
1937 £15.00
[MORE (Hannah)]
The Cottage Cook; or, Mrs. Jones's Cheap Dishes; Shewing the Way to do much Good with little Money.
1805 £495.00
[PETERSON (Hannah Mary (Bouvier))]
The National Cook Book. By a Lady of Philadelphia. A Practical Housewife.
1850 £575.00
POWELL (Mrs. B.)
The Guide to Preferment; or, Complete Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy: Containing Directions how to Market; the Season of the Year for Butchers' Meat, Poultry, Fish, &c. How to roast and boil to perfection every thing necessary to be sent up to Table; variety of dishes for Lent; to cure Hams, Bacon, &c. Pickling, Preserving, making Jellies, Gravies, Sauces, Fricassees, &c. much excelling any book of the kind ever yet published. With the Forms of Placing Dishes on the Table, in the Middling or Genteel Taste. By Mrs. Powell. Ornamented with Engravings, shewing the Art of Trussing and Carving, as now Practised.
1800 £495.00
RAFFALD (Elizabeth)
The experienced English House-Keeper, for the use and ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c. Wrote purely from practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warburton.
1773 £345.00
French Wines and Vineyards; and the Way to Find Them.
1860 £595.00
SCOTT (William) Editor.
The House Book; or family chronicle of useful knowledge, and cottage physician: combining medicine, cookery, diet, general economy, health, sea-bathing, gardening, manufactures, arts, &c., &c. with the various branches of domestic concerns; including upwards of a thousand select recipes and prescriptions, from the best authorities; and a variety of other important information, for the use of families, invalids and convalescents.
1826 £275.00
SIMON (Andre L.)
Bibliotheca Gastronomica. A Catalogue of Books and Documents on Gastronomy. The Production, Taxation, Distribution and Consumption of Food and Drink. Their use and Abuse in all Times and Among all Peoples.
1953 £50.00
SIMON (Andre L.)
Bibliotheca Gastronomica. A Catalogue of Books and Documents on Gastronomy. The Production, Taxation, Distribution and Consumption of Food and Drink. Their use and Abuse in all Times and Among all Peoples.
1953 £38.00
Bibliographie Gastronomique. A Bibliography of Books Appertaining to Food and Drink and Related Subjects, from the Beginning of Printing to 1890. Introduction by André L. Simon.
1954 £15.00
VICAIRE (Georges)
Bibliographie Gastronomique.
1978 £30.00
VICAIRE (Georges)
Bibliographie Gastronomique.
1978 £35.00
Catalogue of Printed Books and Manuscripts Relating to Wine and Food the Property of Mrs. J. D. Simon from the Library of the late Andre L. Simon...
1981 £18.00