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[CORNISH (James)]
Cornish's Guide and Companion to the Grand Junction and the Liverpool and Manchester Railways, containing also the stranger's guide to Liverpool and Manchester, and an account of Birmingham and all the towns on or near the line.
1838 £325.00
[CORNISH (James)]
The Grand Junction, and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Companion, Containing an account of Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester, and all the towns on or near the line...
1837 £295.00
[OSBORNE (E. C. & W.)]
Osborne's Guide to the Grand Junction, or Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester Railway, with the Topography of the Country Through which the Line passes, and Complete Guides to the Towns of Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester.
1838 £125.00
[OSBORNE (E. C. & W.)]
Osborne's London & Birmingham, Railway Guide, Illustrated with numerous engravings & maps.
1840 £135.00
[PIERSON (Christoffel)]
Explanation, of the famous and renowned glas-work. Or painted windows, in the fine and eminent Church at Gouda. For the use and commodity of both Inhabitants, and Foreigners that come to see this artificial Work.
1718 £745.00
[WYLD (James)]
The Great Western, Cheltenham and Great Western, and Bristol and Exeter Railway Guides: a topographical, antiquarian, and geological account of the country, and of the towns and villages in the neighbourhood of the railways: with a preliminary description of the construction of the Great Western and other railways, illustrated with numerous and accurate engravings on wood; and guides to Windsor, Reading, Oxford, Glocester [sic], Hereford, Cheltenham, Bath, Wells, and Bristol.
1839 £195.00
ACCUM (Fredrick)
A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light: exhibiting a summary description of the Apparatus and Machinery best calculated for Illuminating Streets, Houses, and Manufactories, with Carburetted Hydrogen, or Coal=Gas: with Remarks on the Utility, Safety, and general Nature of this new ranch of Civil Economy.
1815 £795.00
ALCAN (Michel)
Essai sur l'Industrie des Matières Textiles, comprenant le Travail complet du Coton, du Lin, du Cachemire, des Laines, de la Soie, du Caoutchouc, etc.
1847 £650.00
A Key to the Analytical Table of Mechanical Movements.
1830 £25.00
BANKS (John)
A Treatise on Mills, in Four Parts. Part First, On Circular Motion. Part Second, On the Maximum of Moving Bodies, Machines, Engines, &c. Part Third, On the Velocity of effluent Water. Part Fourth, Experiments on Circular Motion, Water-Wheels, &c.
1795 £425.00
A Plan for obtaining an Act of Parliament for the better Draining the North-Level, Part of the Great Level of the Fens, called Bedford-Level, in the Isle of Ely, and Counties of Cambridge, Huntington, Northampton, and Lincoln, &c.
1753 £85.00
Remarks upon that Part of the Great Bedford Level, called the North Level; in which the Causes of its First Drowning, and of its present ruinous Condition, are considered; with some Proposals for the better Draining the said Level. First published in 1748; and now Corrected, and Published, for the perusal of the Publick, as there is a Bill depending in Parliament for the better Draining of the North Level, with Porsand.
1754 £95.00
BOFFITO (Giuseppe)
Biblioteca Aeronautica Italiana. Precede uno studio sull'aeronautica nella letteratura nell'arte e nel folklore/ [With:] Primo Supplemento Decennale.
1929 £495.00
BOULTON (Matthew Piers Watt)
Specification of Matthew Piers Watt Boulton. Turbines or Propellers.
1867 £110.00
BOWNAS (Samuel)
A Description of the Qualifications necessary to a Gospel Minister, containing Advice to Ministers and Elders, how to conduct themselves in their Conversations, and various Services, according to their Gifts in the Church of Christ.
1750 £110.00
Bradshaw's Railway Companion, containing the times of departure, fares, &c of the railways in England, and also Hackney coach fares from the principal railway stations' illustrated with maps of the country through which the railways pass, and plans of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.
1841 £150.00
Bradshaw's Railway Time Tables and Assistant to Railway Travelling, with Illustrative Maps & Plans.
1901 £60.00
Recherches sur le Mouvement des Ondes.
1809 £195.00
BUDGE (John)
The Practical Miner's Guide; The Practical Miner's Guide: comprising a set of Trigonometrical Tables, adapted to all the purposes of oblique or diagonal, vertical, horizontal and traverse Dialling, with their application to the dial exercise of shafts, adits, drifts, lodes, slides, levelling, inaccessible distances, heights, &c. Also a Treatise on the Art and Practice of assaying Silver, Copper, Lead, and Tin, with tables which exhibit at one view the value of assayed ores: Rules for calculating the power of Steam and Water Engines: a discourse on the Quality, Manufacture, and choice of cordage for Mine Service; together with a collection of essential Tables, Rules, and Illustrations, exclusively applicable to Mining Business. The whole introduced and exemplified in the most plain and practical manner.
1825 £295.00
CARR (Henry)
Our Domestic Poisons; or, the Poisonous Effects of Certain Dyes & Colours used in Domestic Fabrics.
1879 £45.00
CHAMBERS (Ephraim)
[Cyclopaedia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences...]
1788 £650.00
CHAPMAN (William) and JESSOP (William)
Report on the measures to be attained to in the Survey of a Line of Navigation, from Newcastle upon Tyne to the Irish Chancel. Published by Order of the Northumberland Committee of Subscribers to the Survey. To which are added, all the Reports subsequent to the Survey, and the estimates of Messrs Jessop and Chapman. [and] Second Part of the Proposed Navigation between the East and West Seas, viz. from Haydon-Bridge to Maryport. With Observations on Lines to Penrith, Sandsfield, Ravensbank, Bowness, Wigton. [and] Third and last Part of a Report on the Proposed Navigation between the East and West Seas, (viz.) on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Carrying the Navigation on the South Side of the River Tyne, in the different Courses that it is capable of. [and] Report of the Proposed Line of Navigation between Newcastle and Maryport, .... with Abstracts of the estimates of this line, and also of that from Stella to Hexham. [and] Mr. Chapman's Postscript to Mr. Jessop's Report.
1795 £495.00
The Railway Question. Practical Suggestions for a Fundamental Reform of the Railway System, on a Principle Combining National Benefits with the Permanent Interests of Shareholders. By Civis.
1856 £50.00
CLARK (Thomas)
A new process for purifying the Waters supplied to the Metropolis by the existing Water Companies: rendering each water much softer, preventing a Fur Boiling Matter, separating Vegetating and Colouring Matter, destroying numerous Water-Insects, and withdrawing from solution large quantities of Solid Matter, not separable by mere Filtration.
1841 £45.00
COLBY (Colonel T. F.)
Ordnance Survey of the County of Londonderry. Volume the First [all published].
1837 £275.00