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ASTLEY (Philip)
Astley's System of Equestrian Education, Exhibiting the Beauties and Defects of the Horse; with Serious and Important Observations on his General Excellence, Preserving him in Heath, Grooming, &c.
1802 £345.00
Pharmacopoeia Hippiatrica: or, the gentleman farrier's repository, of elegant and approved remedies for the diseases of horses; in two books. Containing, I. The surgical; II. The medical part of practical farriery; Also, Directions for the proper Treatment of Post Chaise and other Horses, after violent Exercise. With suitable Remarks on the Whole To which are now added; observations on broken winded horses, endearing to prove the Seat of that Malady not to be the Lungs. The second edition; by J. Bartlet, Surgeon; Author of the Gentleman's Farriery.
1766 £145.00
CARDINI (François)
Dictionnaire d'Hippiatrique et d'Équitation, Ouvrage où Se Trouvent Réunies Toutes Les Connaissances Hippiques.
1848 £375.00
FRANKLAND [later FRANKLAND RUSSELL] (Sir Robert, 7th baronet)
Six Sketches in Lithography, Representing the Common Actions of the Horse.
1842 £875.00
FRY (Joseph Storrs)
An Essay on the Construction of Wheel-Carriages, as they affect both the Roads and the Horses; with Suggestions relating to the principles on which Tolls ought to be imposed, and a few remarks on the Formation of Roads.
1820 £625.00
GILBY (Sir Walter)
Racing Cups 1559 to 1850. Course Cups.
1910 £25.00
HINDE (Captain [Robert])
The Discipline of the Light-Horse. By Captain Hinde, of the Royal Regiment of Foresters, (Light-Dragoons.) Illustrated with Copper Plates.
1778 £695.00
HUNTER (James)
A Complete Dictionary of Farriery & Horsemanship, containing the art of farriery in all its branches, with an explanation of the terms, and a description of the various particulars relating to the manage, and to the knowledge of horses. The whole compiled from the best Authors.
1796 £275.00
The Art of Riding; or, Horsemanship made Easy: Exemplified by Rules Drawn from Nature and Experience.
1765 £445.00
JEANSON (Marcel)
Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson. Premiere Partie: Chasse.
1987 £18.00
JEANSON (Marcel)
Bibliotheque Marcel Jeanson. Premiere Partie: Chasse. [With:] Deuxieme Partie: Ornithologie.
1987 £45.00
LAWRENCE (Richard)
An Inquiry into the Structure & Animal Oeconomy of the Horse, Comprehending the Diseases To which his Limbs and Feet Are subject, with Proper Directions for Shoeing; and Pointing out a Method for Ascertaining his age until his Twelfth Year.
1801 £375.00
PEMBROKE (Henry Herbert, Earl of)
A Method of Breaking Horses, and Teaching Soldiers to Ride, Designed for the Use of the Army.
1762 £325.00
Some Episodes in the Zetland Hunt Point-to-Point Steeple Chase.
1890 £125.00
ROSEBERY (Rt. Honble. the Earl of)
Catalogue of the Well-Known and Very Valuable Library Formed at the Durdans, Epsom...
1933 £25.00
Turfbuch für 1906 [Parts I & II].
1906 £35.00
Bibliographie Generale des Ouvrages sur la Chasse, la Venerie et la Fauconnerie Publies ou Composes Depuis le XVe Siecle Jusqu'a ce jour en Francais, Latin, Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Etc.,
1968 £32.00
SULLY (Henry)
Observations on, and Plain Directions for, All Classes of People, to Prevent the Fatal Effects of the Bites of Animals Labouring under Hydrophobia.
1828 £165.00
Moseman's Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishing Goods, Novelties and Stable Appointments, Imported and Domestic. For the Wholesale and Retail Trade. Warerooms: 126 & 128 Chambers Street, New York.
1890 £425.00
WOOD (John)
A New Compendious Treatise of Farriery. Wherein are set forth in a plain, familiar, and natural manner the disorders incident to horses, and their respective cures: Together With some Interesting Observations on Bleeding, Purging, Exercise, &c. By John Wood, Late Groom to the King of Sardinia, and at present Groom to the Right Hon. the Earl of Rochford.
1757 £445.00