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Author Title Year Price
Author Catalogue of Printed Books in European Languages in the Library of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.
1934 £75.00
BAILEY (Isabel)
Pishey Thompson: Man of Two Worlds.
1991 £16.00
Bibliography: History of a Tradition. Translated from the Italian by William A. Pettas.
1990 £15.00
BALSTON (Thomas)
James Whatman Father and Son.
1957 £45.00
A Catalogue of the Library at Bamburgh Castle, in the County of Northumberland, divided into three alphabetical parts. I. English: II. Latin and other antient languages. III. French and other modern languages. With a table of references to each. Published by order of the trustees of the estates of the right honourable Nathaniel late Lord Crewe, and Lord Bishop of Durham.
1794 £1695.00
Eine Bayerische Malerschule des XI. und XII. Jahhunderts.
1923 £19.00
BARKER (Nicolas)
The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning 1478-1978: An Illustrated History.
1978 £18.00
Catalogue des Livres Français, Italiens, Espagnols, Etc., Tant Anciens que Modernes qui se Trouvent chez Barthés et Lowell, Successeurs de Bossange, Barthés & Lowell.
1843 £50.00
BARTLETT (Henrietta C.)
Catalogue of Early English Books, Chiefly of the Elizabethan Period. Collected by William Augustus White.
1926 £35.00
BELCHER (Margaret)
A. W. N. Pugin: An Annotated Critical Bibliography.
1987 £20.00
Catalogue of the Library at Belvoir Castle, the Seat of the Duke of Rutland.
1827 £1245.00
English Books & Readers 1603 to 1640. Being a Study in the History of the Book Trade in the Reigns of James I and Charles I.
1970 £12.00
BERÈS (Pierre)
Vente: Pierre Berès 80 ans de passion. 1-6 Vente.
2005 £225.00
BERKELEY (Edmund) Editor.
Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector's Manual.
1978 £10.00
BERNERS (Dame Juliana)
The Boke of Saint Albans by Dame Juliana Berners. Containing Treatises on Hawking, Hunting, and Cote Armour; Printed at Saint Albans by the Schoolmaster-Printer in 1486. Reproduced in Facsimile with an Introduction by William Blades.
1905 £60.00
BIGMORE (F. C.) & WYMAN (C. W. H.)
A Bibliography of Printing. With Notes and Illustrations.
1978 £45.00
BLACKBURN (Charles F.)
Rambles in Books.
1893 £19.00
BLADES (William)
The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England's First Printer.
1882 £30.00
BLADES (William)
The Enemies of Books.
1880 £495.00
Caxton and his World.
1969 £30.00
Caxton: England's First Publisher.
1976 £35.00
BLOCK (Andrew)
The Book Collectors Vade Mecum.
1933 £19.00
BLOOM (J. Harvey)
English Tracts, Pamphlets and Printed Sheets: A Bibliography. Vol 1. (Early Period) 1473-1650. (Suffolk).
1922 £24.00
The Printed Book in America.
1977 £12.00
Catalogue of Hindustani Printed Books in the Library of the British Museum.
1889 £16.00

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