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Mintons Tiles. Selected Patterns of Enamelled Tiles for Walls, Hearths, Fire Places, Furniture, Flower Boxes, &c., Reduced to a scale of 1½ inch to a foot.
1885 £1500.00
Catalogue of Old Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries Exhibited at the Fine Art Society's Exhibition, 1900, many of which are illustrated in Huish's "Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries." Oriental Amulets, Signets, Pictures, etc. Which will be sold by auction, by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, on Monday, the 24th of June, 1901.
1901 £85.00
ORANGE (James)
Catalogue of a Small Collection of Japanese Lacquer made by James Orange, Hong Kong.
1907 £550.00
The Ornamentist, or Artisan's Manual in the Various Branches of Ornamental Art.
1845 £145.00
PAIN (William)
The Practical Builder; or workman's general assistant; shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building, as The Use of the Tramel for Groins, Angle-Brackets, Niches, &c. Semi-Circular Arches on Flewing James, the preparing and making their Soffits. Rules of Carpentry; To find the Length and Backing of Hips, strait or curved; Trusses for Roofs, Domes, &c. - Trussing of Girders, Sections of Floors, &c. The Proportion of the Five Orders, in their general and particular Parts, Gluing of Columns, Stair-Cases with their ramp and twist Rails, fixing the Carriages, Newels, &c. Frontispieces, Chimney-Pieces, Ceilings, Cornices, Architraves, &c. in the newest Taste. With plans and elevations of gentlemans and farm-houses, yards, barns, &c. By William Pain, Architect and Joiner. Engraved on eighty-three plates.
1787 £495.00
PAIN (William)
The Practical Builder; or workman's general assistant; shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building; as the use of the tramel for groins, angle brackets, niches, &c. semi-circular arches on flewing jambs, the preparing and making their soffits; rules of carpentry, to find the length and backing of hips strait or curved; trusses for roofs, domes, &c. Trussing of girders, sections of floors, &c. The proportion of the five orders in their general and particular parts: gluing of columns; stair-cases with their ramp and twist rails, fixing the carriages, newels, &c. Frontispieces, chimney-pieces, ceilings, cornices, architraves, &c. In the newest taste; with plans and elevations of gentleman's and farm-houses, barns, &c.
1787 £375.00
Description of a Second View of the Ruins of Pompeii, and Surrounding Country; Representing the Tragic Theatre, Covered Theatre, Temple of Isis, Small Forum, Now Exhibiting in the Panorama, Leicester-Square: Painted, from Drawings taken on the Spot, by Mr. Burford.
1824 £95.00
PARKER (Thomas N.)
An Essay of the Construction, Hanging, and Fastening of Gates; Exemplified in Six Quarto Plates.
1804 £275.00
PARSEY (Arthur)
The Art of Miniature Painting on Ivory.
1831 £150.00
A New and Comprehensive Edition of the Art of Making Fireworks with Safety and Ease, Containing Instructions for the Following: Artificial Earthquakes, Artificial Thunder, Blue Flame, Blue Candle, Balloons, Crackers, Fancy Devices, Fires, Fountains, Gerbes, Lights, Mines, Mortars, Marroons, Roman Candles, Rockets, Rains Gold and Silver, Stars, Serpents, Sparks of all Colours, Tourbillons, Catharine Wheels, Wildfires, Water Fireworks of numerous kinds. With full information relative to the properties, as well as mixing and preparing Gunpowder, Saltpetre, Charcoal, Steel and Iron Fillings, &c. &c.
1820 £595.00
Elements of Painting with Crayons.
1777 £395.00
SHAW (Henry)
Examples of Ornamental Metal Work. Drawn and Engraved by Henry Shaw.
1836 £325.00
SHAW (Henry)
Specimens of Ancient Furniture Drawn from Existing Authorities. With Descriptions by Sir Samuel Meyrick.
1836 £125.00
SHAW (Henry)
Specimens of Tile Pavements Drawn from Existing Authorities.
1858 £745.00
The Cabinet-Maker's Guide; or, rules and instructions in the art of varnishing, dying, staining, japanning, polishing, lackering, and beautifying wood, ivory, tortoiseshell & metal: with observations on their management and application. Including an appendix, containing several valuable tables.
1830 £345.00
SMITH (John)
The Art of Painting in Oil. Wherein is included each particular circumstance relating to that art and mystery. Containing the best and most approved rules for preparing, mixing, and working of oil colours. The whole treatise being so full compleat, and so exactly fitted to the meanest capacity, that all persons whatsoever, may be able by these directions, to paint in oil-colours all manner of timber-work; such as posts, palls, palisadoes, gates, doors, or any thing else that requires either use, beauty, or preservation, from the violence or injury of the weather. In which is also particularly laid down, all the several circumstances required in painting of sun-dials, printed pictures, shash-windows, &c. in oily-colours. The Seventh edition, with some alterations, and many matters added, which are not to be found in the former editions. To which is added, the wholeart and mystery of colouring maps, and other prints, with water-colours.
1759 £695.00
Original bookbinder's sample, "Specimens of Bookbinding", representing the choice on offer to prospective customers, including calf and buckram bindings, morocco title labels in contrasting colours, raised bands, gilt tooling and lettering.
1890 £595.00
SWAN (John)
Explanation of an Improved Mode of Tanning; laid down from Practical Results; Intended to Accompany the New Invented Barktrometer, which will be found an unerring guide to the True Art of Tanning.
1821 £225.00
Léon Clerc & Charles's Price List for Wood, Tin, Iron, and Japanned Ware.
1876 £35.00
TURNER (Joseph Mallord William)
Turner's Picturesque Views in England and Wales Reproduced in Permanent Photography with Descriptive and Historical Illustrations. (Landscapes, Coast Scenery, Castles and Abbeys).
1873 £450.00
Die Drehkunst in ihrem ganzen Unfange oder deutlich Anweisung zur vollständigen Kenntniss aller Materialen, welsch der Drechsler verarbeitet... nach dem Franz. frei bearb., neu geordnet und mit vielen Zusätzen und Zeichn. verm. hrsg. von Theodor Thon.
1843 £175.00
TWOPENY (William)
Etchings of Ancient Capitals, &c. From Drawings by William Twopeny, Esq.
1837 £125.00
TWOPENY (William)
Specimens of Ancient Wood-Work. Etched from Drawings by William Twopeny.
1859 £245.00
WEIMANN (Ingrid) & SÖNMEZ (Nedim)
Christopher Weimann (1946-1988): A Tribute. With over 90 illustrations, 38 in color and 12 original samples made by Christopher Weimann.
1991 £265.00
WHITE (Gleeson) Editor.
Practical Designing: A Handbook on the Preparation of Working Drawings.
1894 £38.00

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