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[DOSSIE (Robert)]
The Handmaid to the Arts, Vol. the First. Teaching, I. A perfect knowledge of the Materia Pictoria, or, the nature, use, preparation, and composition of all the various substances employed in painting, as well vehicles, dryers, &c...
1764 £495.00
[ELISON (Thomas)]
Decorations for Parks and Gardens. Designed for Gates, Garden Seats, Alcoves, Temples, Baths, Entrance Gates, Lodges, Facades, Prospects for Towers, Cattle Sheds, Ruins, Bridges, Greenhouses, &c. &c. also a Hot House & Hot Wall: with Plans & Scales on 55 plates.
1801 £975.00
[FORSTER (Benjamin)]
Some Account of the Church and Windows of St. Neot's in Cornwall.
1786 £345.00
[PIERSON (Christoffel)]
Explanation, of the famous and renowned glas-work. Or painted windows, in the fine and eminent Church at Gouda. For the use and commodity of both Inhabitants, and Foreigners that come to see this artificial Work.
1718 £745.00
[WHITE (John)]
Arts treasury: or, a profitable and pleasing invitation to the lovers of ingenuity. Contained in many extraordinary experiments, rarities, and curious inventions. In two parts. Part I. Containing the mystery of dying-cloths, silks stuffs, hair, feather, bone, horn, ivory, leather, &c. The manner of preparing colours... The art of drawing, limning, painting... Washing or colouring maps, or printed pictures, with sundry other things, &c. Part II. Containing the quality, generation and product of metals and minerals, natural and artificial; directions to harden or soften them for use... The mystery of beautifying writing with gold or silver... Weighing ships, extinguishing fire, blowing up houses or vessels under water, &c.
1688 £2995.00
ACCUM (Fredrick)
A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light: exhibiting a summary description of the Apparatus and Machinery best calculated for Illuminating Streets, Houses, and Manufactories, with Carburetted Hydrogen, or Coal=Gas: with Remarks on the Utility, Safety, and general Nature of this new ranch of Civil Economy.
1815 £795.00
ADAMS (Thomas F.)
Typographia: or, the Printer's Instructor; a Brief Sketch of the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the Typographic Art, with Practical Directions for Conducting Every Department in an Office, Hints to Authors, Publishers, &c.
1854 £95.00
The Skylight and the Dark-Room: A Complete Text-Book on Portrait Photography. Containing the Outlines of Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Heat, Optics, Chemistry, and a Full and Comprehensive System of the Art of Photographic. With Twelve Splendid Explanatory Photographs, and Nearly Two Hundred Illustrations.
1872 £1975.00
Katalog der Ornamentstich-sammlung der Staatlichen Kunstbibliothek Berlin.
1986 £45.00
The Whatmans and Wove Paper; Its Invention and Development in the West. Research into the Origins of Wove Paper and of Genuine Loom-Woven Wire-cloth.
1998 £45.00
The Whatmans and Wove Paper; Its Invention and Development in the West. Research into the Origins of Wove Paper and of Genuine Loom-Woven Wire-cloth.
1998 £45.00
BRANNER (John Casper)
A Bibliography of Clays and the Ceramic Arts.
1906 £21.00
The Builder. An Illustrated Weekly Magazine for the Drawing Room, the Studio, the Office, the Workshop, and the Cottage. 3 vols., 1843-45. [Continued under the title:] The Builder. An Illustrated Weekly Journal, for the Architect, Engineer, Operative, and Artist. 22 vols., 1846-67. [Continued under the title:] The Builder. An Illustrated Weekly Magazine [later, a Journal] for the Architect, Engineer, Archaeologist, Contractor, Sanitary Reformer, and Art-Lover. 52 vols., 1868-1899. [Continued in two vols., per annum from 1880].
1843 £9775.00
The Book of Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Mediaeval, from the Eighth century with numerals, including Gothic; Church Text, Large and Small; German Arabesque; Initials for Illumination, Monograms, Crosses, &c., for the use of Architectural and Engineering Draughtsmen, Masons, Decorative Painters, Lithographers, Engravers, Carvers, &c.
1888 £45.00
The Edinburgh Book of Prices, for Manufacturing Cabinet-Work. With various Tables, as Mutually Agreed upon by the Masters and Journeymen. [Bound with:] Supplement to the Cabinet-Makers Book of Prices [1825].
1805 £595.00
ELSAM (Richard)
The Practical Builder's Perpetual Price-Book: elucidating the principles of ascertaining the correct average value of the different artificer's works usually employed in building : with cursory observations on the customs of measuring in the various parts of the United Kingdom...
1837 £145.00
FENAILLE (Maurice)
Etat General des Tapisseries de la Manufacture des Gobelins depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours 1600-1900.
1923 £2250.00
The Plate-Glass-Book, Consisting of the Following Authentic Tables. I. The Value of any Looking-Glass when finished and fit for framing. II. The Glass-House Table... III. The Price of Grinding, Polishing, Silvering, and Diamond-cutting... IV. The Value of a Looking-Glass when accidentally Broken... V. The several discounts made at the Glass-House... By a Glass-House Clerk.
1758 £750.00
Trefousse & Cie. Megisserie, Teinture, Manufacture de Gants / Trefousse & Co. Dressing, Dyeing & Manufacture of Gloves.
1874 £350.00
GUILLOT (Ernest)
L'ornementation des manuscrits au moyen-âge: Recueil de documents, lettres ornées, bordures, miniatures, &a, tirés des principaux manuscrits de la Bibliothèque nationale, de diverses bibliothèques et des monuments de l'époque.
1835 £35.00
HELLER (David)
In Search of V.O.C. Glass.
1951 £22.00
HOGARTH (Mary & Ann)
Mary & Ann Hogarth from the old Frock-shop the corner of the Long Walk facing the Cloysters, Removed to ye Kings Arms joyning to ye Little Britain-gate, near Long Walk. Sells ye best & most Fashionable Ready Made Frocks, sutes of Fustian, Ticken & Holland, stript Dimmity & Flanel, Wastcoats, blue & canvas Frocks & bluecoat Boys Dra[we]rs Likewise Fustians, Tickens, Hollands, white stript Dimitys, white & stript Flanels in ye piece; by Wholesale or Retale at Reasonable Rates.
1730 £245.00
Bibliographie Générale de la Mesure du Temps suivie d'un essai de classification technique et géographique. Préface de Paul Ditisheim.
1947 £85.00
LANGLEY (B[atty] & T[homas])
The Builder's Jewel: or, the Youth's Instructor, and Workman's Remembrancer. Explaining short and easy rules made familiar to the meanest capacity for drawing and working... The whole illustrated by upwards of 200 examples, engraved on 100 copper plates.
1754 £220.00
Lessons in the Art of Illuminating. A Series of Examples Selected from Works in the British Museum, Lambeth Palace Library, and the South Kensington Museum. With Practical Instructions, and a Sketch of the History of the Art.
1884 £45.00