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ELSAM (Richard)
The Practical Builder's Perpetual Price-Book: elucidating the principles of ascertaining the correct average value of the different artificer's works usually employed in building : with cursory observations on the customs of measuring in the various parts of the United Kingdom...
1837 £145.00
Resolutions of the Associated Architects; with the Report of a Committee by them appointed to consider the Causes of the frequent Fires, and the best means of preventing the like in future.
1793 £65.00
FREEMAN (Edward A.)
Remarks on the Architecture of Llandaff Cathedral; with an Essay towards a History of the Fabric.
1850 £25.00
GENNETE (Claude Leopold)
Nouvelle Construction des Cheminées, qui garantit du feu, & de la fumée, á l' épreuve des vents, du soleil, de la pluie, & des autres causes, qui font fumer les cheminées ordinaires.
1760 £245.00
GIBBS (James)
Bibliotheca Radcliviana: or, a Short Description of the Radcliffe Library, at Oxford. Containing its Several Plans, Uprights, Sections, and Ornaments, on Twenty Three Copper Plates, Neatly Engraved, with the Explanation of each Plate.
1747 £975.00
GIBSON (The Rev. Thomas Ellison)
Lydiate Hall & its Associations in Two Parts: Antiquarian and Religious.
1876 £245.00
GREEN (W. Curtis)
Old Cottages & Farm-Houses in Surrey. Illustrated on One Hundred Collotype Plates from Photographs Specially Taken by W. Galsworthy Davie.
1908 £50.00
HALL (Michael)
The English Country House. From the Archives of Country Life 1897-1939.
1994 £22.00
LAING (David)
Hints for Dwellings: Consisting of Original Designs for Cottages, Farm-Houses, Villas, &c. Plain and Ornamental: with plans to each: in which strict attention is paid to unite convenience and elegance with economy. Including some Designs for Town houses.
1823 £395.00
LANGLEY (B[atty] & T[homas])
The Builder's Jewel: or, the Youth's Instructor, and Workman's Remembrancer. Explaining short and easy rules made familiar to the meanest capacity for drawing and working... The whole illustrated by upwards of 200 examples, engraved on 100 copper plates.
1754 £220.00
Fifteen Plates of Composition Ornaments, Made at Langwith Manufactory, Grantham, Lincolnshire.
1790 £11995.00
The Country Gentleman's Architect; containing a variety of designs for farm houses and farm yards of different magnitudes, arranged on the most approved principles for arable, grazing, feeding, and dairy farms; with plans and sections shewing at large the construction of cottages, barns, stables, feeding-houses, dairies, brew-houses, maltings, &c. With plans for stables and dog-kennels; to which are added, designs for labourers' cottages and small villas, the whole adapted to the use of country gentlemen about to build or to alter. By R. Lugar,... Engraved on twenty-two plates, with general observations and full explanations to each.
1807 £425.00
MANNI (Domenico Maria)
Azioni Gloriose degli uomini illustri Fiorentini espresse co' loro ritratti nelle volte dell' Imperial Galleria di Toscana. [52 plates from drawings by Giuseppe Menabuoni, with descriptive notices by Domenico Maria Manni, preface by Ignazio Orsini.]
1745 £1675.00
MORTON (John Lockhart)
Morton's Farm Buildings.
1845 £745.00
PAIN (William)
The Practical Builder; or workman's general assistant; shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building; as the use of the tramel for groins, angle brackets, niches, &c. semi-circular arches on flewing jambs, the preparing and making their soffits; rules of carpentry, to find the length and backing of hips strait or curved; trusses for roofs, domes, &c. Trussing of girders, sections of floors, &c. The proportion of the five orders in their general and particular parts: gluing of columns; stair-cases with their ramp and twist rails, fixing the carriages, newels, &c. Frontispieces, chimney-pieces, ceilings, cornices, architraves, &c. In the newest taste; with plans and elevations of gentleman's and farm-houses, barns, &c.
1787 £375.00
PAIN (William)
The Practical Builder; or workman's general assistant; shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building, as The Use of the Tramel for Groins, Angle-Brackets, Niches, &c. Semi-Circular Arches on Flewing James, the preparing and making their Soffits. Rules of Carpentry; To find the Length and Backing of Hips, strait or curved; Trusses for Roofs, Domes, &c. - Trussing of Girders, Sections of Floors, &c. The Proportion of the Five Orders, in their general and particular Parts, Gluing of Columns, Stair-Cases with their ramp and twist Rails, fixing the Carriages, Newels, &c. Frontispieces, Chimney-Pieces, Ceilings, Cornices, Architraves, &c. in the newest Taste. With plans and elevations of gentlemans and farm-houses, yards, barns, &c. By William Pain, Architect and Joiner. Engraved on eighty-three plates.
1787 £495.00
PARAIRE (Edward L.)
Perspective Practically Explained. Being an explanation of the accompanying models, or the principles by which certain objects are drawn, etc.
1870 £30.00
PARKER (John Henry)
The Medieval Architecture of Chester.
1858 £20.00
PEARCE (Walter J.)
Painting and Decorating.
1898 £125.00
PRICE (Francis)
A Series of Particular and Useful Observations, Made with Great Diligence and Care, upon that Admirable Structure, the Cathedral-Church of Salisbury.
1753 £345.00
PUGIN (Augustus)
Pugin's Gothic Furniture.
1827 £45.00
REPTON (Humphry)
Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening. Including some remarks on Grecian and Gothic Architecture.
1805 £7750.00
ROBINSON (John Martin)
A Guide to the Country Houses of the North West.
1991 £50.00
Building Designs. [Title taken from the spine].
3752 £85.00
Ideas for Rustic Furniture Proper for Garden Seats, Summer Houses, Hermitages, Cottages, &c. on 25 Plates.
1793 £1100.00

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