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[ALDEN (Timothy)] Compiler.
Catalogue of the Books, Pamphlets, Newspapers, Maps, Charts, Manuscripts, &c. in the Library of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
1811 £95.00
[BLISS (Philip) & BANDINEL (Bulkeley)]
A Catalogue of the Books, Relating to British Topography, and Saxon and Northern Literature, Bequeathed to the Bodleian Library, in the Year MDCCXCIX. By Richard Gough.
1814 £595.00
[BRETT (Reginald), Second Viscount Esher]
The Modern Library Collected By Viscount Esher at Watlington Park.
1930 £175.00
[BROWN (Arthur) CARY (Henry) & HACKMAN (Alfred)]
Catalogus Librorum Impressorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae in Academia Oxoniensi. [With:] Catalogus Impressorum Librorum Quibus Aucta Est Bibliotheca Bodleiana, Annis MDCCCXXXV-MDCCCXLVII.
1843 £395.00
Catalogue of a Curious Collection of Books in General History and Literature, Particularly Rich in Early English and Scottish History and Poetry... Which Will be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Sotheby... On Tuesday the 16th of January, 1827, and Three Following Days.
1827 £75.00
[FRENCH (Gilbert J.) Editor.]
Bibliographical Notices of the Church Libraries at Turton and Gorton, Bequeathed by Humphrey Chetham.
1855 £25.00
[LEE (Dr. John)]
Oriental Manuscripts Purchased in Turkey.
1831 £395.00
[LEE (Dr. John)]
Oriental Manuscripts Purchased in Turkey.
1840 £495.00
[MACKERELL (Benjamin)]
A New Catalogue of the Books in the Publick Library of the City of Norwich, In the Year 1732. To which is added, An Account of the Orders prescribed by the Court and Common-Council for the Regulation of the same. Together with an Account of Mr. John Kirkpatrick's Roman and Other Coins.
1733 £2950.00
[OLDYS (William) JOHNSON (Samuel) & MAITTAIRE (Michel)
Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, in locos communes distributus cum indice auctorum.
1743 £1850.00
[POLLEN (John) Editor]
Universal Catalogue of Books on Art. South Kensington Museum.
1870 £45.00
[STEVENS (Henry)] Compiler.
Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books Relating to the History and Literature of America. Sold by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson.
1861 £85.00
[TODD (Henry John)]
Catalogue of the Books, Both Manuscript and Printed, Which are Preserved in the Library of Christ Church, Canterbury.
1802 £395.00
ABBEY (Major J.R.)
Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books and Fine Bindings from the Collection of...
1965 £145.00
Catalogue of the Very Choice and Valuable Library, Principally of Important Books in English and French Literature and of Fine Illuminated Manuscripts...
1931 £19.00
ARCH (John and Arthur)
A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collection of Books, New and Second Hand, on Sale, at the Prices Affixed, by John and Arthur Arch, No. 61, Cornhill, London. 1817 [& 1819].
1817 £265.00
Katalog der Ornamentstich-sammlung der Staatlichen Kunstbibliothek Berlin.
1986 £45.00
Author Catalogue of Printed Books in European Languages in the Library of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.
1934 £75.00
BÉLINAC (Albert)
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque de feu Mr Albert Bélinac. Membre de Sociétes de Bibliophiles Industriel Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur. Première Partie: Très Beaux Livres Modernes Recouverts de Supernes Reliures d'Art. Examplaires uniques enrichis d'Aquarelles originales. Seconde Partie: Livres a Figures de XVIIIe Siècle Éditions Originales Éditions de Luxe. André Desvouges, Commissaire-Priseur.
1909 £45.00
A Catalogue of the Library at Bamburgh Castle, in the County of Northumberland, divided into three alphabetical parts. I. English: II. Latin and other antient languages. III. French and other modern languages. With a table of references to each. Published by order of the trustees of the estates of the right honourable Nathaniel late Lord Crewe, and Lord Bishop of Durham.
1794 £1695.00
Catalogue of the Library at Bamburgh Castle, in the County of Northumberland. Printed by Order of the Trustees of the Right Hon. and Right Rev. Nathanael, Lord Crewe, Lord Bishop of Durham.
1859 £295.00
Catalogue General des Livres Francais, Italiens, Espagnols, Etc., Tant Anciens que Modernes, qui se Trouvent chez Barthes & Lowell (Ancienne Maison Bossange, Barthes et Lowell).
1857 £45.00
BARTLETT (Henrietta C.)
Catalogue of Early English Books, Chiefly of the Elizabethan Period. Collected by William Augustus White.
1926 £35.00
BATESON (Mary) Editor.
Catalogue of the Library of Syon Monastery, Isleworth.
1898 £95.00
The Crowninshield-Stevens-Brinley-Vanderbilt-Whitney Copy of the Bay Psalm Book. [Sold by Public Auction]...
1947 £15.00