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Author Title Year Price
A Catalogue of the Bradshaw Collection of Irish Books in the University Library, Cambridge.
1916 £160.00
A Catalogue of the Bradshaw Collection of Irish Books in the University Library, Cambridge.
1916 £345.00
BREWSTER (Sir Francis)
New Essays on Trade, wherein the present State of our Trade, it's Great Decay in the Chief Branches of it, and the Fatal Consequence thereof to the Nation (unless timely Remedy'd) is considered, under the most Important Heads of Trade and Navigation.
1702 £475.00
[BRODICK (Alan)]
The Speaker. A Poem Inscrib'd to Alan Brodrick, Esq; Speaker to the Honourable House of Commons, Met at Dublin, November the 25th, 1713. Before his Grace the Duke of Shrewsbury.
1713 £495.00
BROWN (Stephen J.)
Ireland in Fiction. A Guide to Irish Novels, Tales, Romances, and Folk-Lore.
1919 £19.00
Flora of the County Wicklow: Flowering Plants, Higher Cryptogams and Characeæ.
1950 £60.00
CANNING (George)
Substance of the Speech of the Right Hon. George Canning, on Lord Morpeth's Motion for a Committee on the State of Ireland.
1812 £50.00
COLBY (Colonel T. F.)
Ordnance Survey of the County of Londonderry. Volume the First [all published].
1837 £275.00
COLDWELL (T[homas])
Coldwell's Tables, for Reducing Irish Money into British Currency; Arranged on a New Plan, And calculated according to the 2d, 5th and 13th Sections of the Act for Assimilating the Currency, To commence from the 5th January, 1826.
1826 £125.00
COLE ( Alan Summerly)
Irish Laces: Thirty Plates with a Short Historical Introduction by Alan S. Cole.
1900 £495.00
COLGAN (Nathaniel)
Flora of the County Dublin: Flowering Plants, Higher Cryptograms, and Characeæ.
1904 £325.00
COLLINS (Mortimer)
Idyls and Rhymes.
1845 £150.00
CRAIG (Maurice)
Irish Bookbindings 1600-1800.
1954 £110.00
CRUMPE (Samuel)
An Essay on the Best Means of Providing Employment for the People. To which was Adjudged the Prize Proposed by the Royal Irish Academy for the best Dissertation on that Subject.
1793 £395.00
A Flora of Ulster and Botanist's Guide to the North of Ireland.
1864 £95.00
DIX (E.R. McC.) Compiler.
Catalogue of Early Dublin-Printed Books 1601 to 1700. Volume One: Parts I-III [Volume Two: Part IV and Supplement].
1912 £50.00
The Evidences of Christianity Briefly Stated; and the New Testament proved to be Genuine. In Three Discourses.
1794 £50.00
DOYLE (Martin) pseud. [Rev. William Hickey]
Hints for the Small Farmers of Ireland.
1830 £165.00
A Companion to the Peerage of Great-Britain and Ireland, being an alphabetical list of such of the daughters of dukes, marquises and earls, (now living) who are married to commoners; collected by Joseph Edmondson, ...
1776 £50.00
FROUDE (James Anthony)
The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century.
1882 £32.00
GLOVER (Stephen)
The History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the County of Derby: drawn up from actual observation and from the best authorities; containing a variety of Geological, Mineralogical, and Statistical Information. Illustrated by a Map of the County, and numerous copper-plate and wood engravings by the first artists. The Materials and Directory collected by the Publisher, Stephen Glover. Edited by Thomas Noble, Esq. [vol. I: part 1; vol. II: part 1].
1829 £95.00
GRAVES (Alfred Perceval)
Irish Songs and Ballads.
1880 £75.00
HALL (Mr. & Mrs. S.C.)
A Week at Killarney.
1843 £50.00
HAMILTON (William)
Letters Concerning the Northern Coast of the County of Antrim. Containing a natural history of its Basaltes: with an account of such circumstances as are worthy of notice respecting the antiquities, manners and customs of that country. The whole illustrated by an accurate map of the coast, roads, mountains, &c. In these letters is stated a plain and impartial View of the Volcanic Theory of the Basaltes.
1786 £425.00
A Report of the Arguments and Judgment upon the Demurrer, in the case of Henry Edmund Taffe, against the Right Hon. Wm. Downes, Lord Chief Justice of the King's-Bench, in Ireland, in Trinity, Michaelmas, and Hilary Terms, 1812 & 1813, in the Court of Common Pleas, Ireland.
1815 £150.00

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