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TULL (Jethro)
The Horse-Hoing Husbandry: or, an Essay on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation. Wherein is shewn a method of introducing a sort of vineyard-culture into the corn-fields, in order to increase their product, and diminish the common expence; by the use of instruments described in cuts. [Bound with:] A Supplement to the Essay on Horse-Hoing Husbandry...
1733 £675.00
VARLO (Charles)
The Floating Ideas of Nature, suited to the philosopher, farmer, and mechanic, and adapted to the present times of scarcity, in order to create plenty, By introducing several new Rops, and their Management. The First Volume treats chiefly on Agriculture: viz. On raising Indian-Corn, which may be brought to Perfection in England. On Siberian Wheat, and its Management. On Dibbling Wheat, invented by the Editor, and which clears 2l. 10s. per Acre above the common Method. How to stock and manage 150 Acres Farm, so as to clear 400l. a Year. On a general Act to inclose Commons, &c. How to improve them by Crops that will pay the Expence. How to manage Horses in Stables without Litter, as practised in America. On a Dog Act, and what it would bring into the Funds. The 2d Volume treats on various Subjects, viz. Natural Philosophy, Creation, Religion, &c. &c.
1796 £225.00
VARRO (Marcus Terentius), OWEN (Rev. Thomas) Translator.
The Three Books of M. Terentius Varro concerning Agriculture. Translated by the Rev. T. Owen.
1800 £125.00
The Science of Good Husbandry: or, the Oeconomics of Xenophon. Shewing the method of ruling and ordering a family, and of managing a farm to the best advantage. Translated from the Greek by R. Bradley, F.R.S. and Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge.
1727 £195.00