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[WOOD (Thomas)]
A New Institute of the Imperial or Civil Law. With Notes, shewing some of the Principal Cases, amongst other Observations, How the Canon Law, the Laws of England, and the Laws and Customs of other Nations differ from it. In Four Books. Composed for the Use of some Persons of Quality.
1704 £395.00
ADDINGTON (Sir William)
An Abridgment [sic] of Penal Statutes, which exhibits at one View, The Offence; the Punishment or Penalty annexed to that Offence; The Mode of Recovering and Application of the Penalty; The Number of Witnesses and Justices necessary to convict the Offender; With a Reference to the Chapter and Section of the enacting Statute. By William Addington, Esq. One of the Magistrates presiding at the Public Office in Bow Street.
1775 £695.00
The Trial of James Stewart in Aucharn in Duror of Appin, for the Murder of Colin Campbell of Glenure, Esq; Factor of His Majesty on the Forfeited estate of Ardshiel: before the Circuit Court of Justiciary held at Inveraray; .... by His Grace the Duke of Argyll [Archibald Campell, third Duke], Lord Justice General, and the Lords Elchies and Kilkerran, Commissioners of Justiciary.
1753 £595.00
AUBREY (Sir John)
Speech of Sir John Aubrey in the House of Commons on Monday Night, 22d of December, 1788.
1788 £395.00
AZUNI (Domenico Alberto)
Systême Universel de Principes du Droit Maritime de l'Europe... Traduit de l'Italien, avec des additions du même auteur.
1797 £845.00
BALTIMORE (Frederick Calvert) Baron
The Trial of Frederick Calvert, Esq; Baron of Baltimore [Maryland, America] in the Kingdom of Ireland, for a Rape on the Body of Sarah Woodcock; and of Eliz. Griffinburg, and Anne Harvey, otherwise Darby, as Accessories before the Fact, for procuring, aiding, and abetting him in committing the said Rape. At the Assizes held at Kingston, for the County of Surry, on Saturday the 26th of March 1768. Before ..... Sir Sydney Stafford Smythe, .... Published by Permission of the Judge. Taken in Short-Hand by Joseph Gurney.
1768 £375.00
BARLOW (Theodore)
The Justice of the Peace: A Treatise containing the Power and Duty of that Magistrate, comiled from the Statutes at Large; the best and latest Reports; and other Books of Authority in the Law; with many new Cases never before printed. Interspersed with Variety of Precedents generally formed upon thw Words of the Acts of Parliament. Together with a Table of the Titles and the Principal Matters. By Theodore Barlow, of the Middle Temple, Esq; To which is added an Appendix, being a Summary of all the Acts of Parliament, whereby One or more Justices are authorised to Act either in or out of Sessions.
1745 £395.00
BEAWES (Wyndham)
Lex Mercatoria Rediviva: or, the merchant's directory. Being a complete guide to all men in business, Whether AS Traders, Remitters, Owners, Freighters, Captains, Insurers, Brokers, Factors, Supercargoes, Agents. Containing an account of our trading companies and colonies, with their Establishments, and an Abstract of their Charters; the duty of consuls, and the Laws subsisting about Aliens, Naturalization and Denization.
1761 £195.00
BIRD (James Barry)
An Assistant to the Practice of Conveyancing; containing Indexes or References to the several Deeds, Agreements, and other Assurances comprised in the several Precedent Books of authority now in print. From the Time of Sir Orlando Bridgman to the present Period. With Short Remarks on the Distinguished Qualities of each Precedent; and Cursory Observations on the Peculiar Merit of the Conveyancers by whom they were respectively prepared.
1796 £95.00
BOHUN (William)
Declarations and Pleadings in the most usual Actions brought in the several Courts of King's-Bench and Common Pleas at Westminster, viz. In Actions of {Scandal of Peers ..... Slander of Common Persons .... Account against Bailiffs, .... Debt on Bonds, ..... Ejectment of Manors, .... also (Incidently) shewing the Forms of Proceedings as well in the Petty Bag-Office in Chancery, as in Corporation Courts, &c.
1733 £195.00
Sir Orl. Bridgman's Conveyances : being Select Precedenents of Deeds and Instruments concerning the Most considerable Estates in England. Drawn and Approved by that Honourable Person in the Time of his Practice.
1710 £175.00
The Suggested Medico-Ethical Code of the British Medical Association. [Private and Confidential.]
1877 £20.00
BROWNLOW (Richard)
Writs Judiciall, shewing the Formes, Nature, and Entries of all manner of Executions, in Reall, Personall, and Mixt Actions, as they are now used in the Court of Common Pleas: Together with many other Judiciall Transactions; as by scire facias, &c. in order to Execution .... Whereunto is added, A Collection of the Formes both of Judiciall, and other Special Writs, belonging to the Practice of the Court of Upper Bench: Extracted out of the diverse Ancient and Learned Clerks of that Court: Usefull for all Clerks, Attorneys, and others, both Practisers and Students of the Law. With Two exact Tables, wherein may be found the Principall Matters therein contained.
1653 £350.00
BURN (Richard)
The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer. By Richard Burn, LL. D. Late Chancellor of the Diocese of Carlisle. Continued to the present time by John Burn, Esq. his Son, one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland.
1793 £325.00
BURN (Richard)
Ecclesiastical Law.
1767 £145.00
CALTHROPE (Sir Charles)
The Relation betweene the Lord of a Mannor and the Coppy-holder his Tenant. Delivered in the Learned Readings of the late Excellent and Famous Lawyer, Char. Calthrope of the Honorable Society of Lincolnes-Inne Esq;. Whereby it doth appeare for what causes a Coppy-holder may forfeite his Coppy-hold Estate, and for what not: and likewise what Lord can grant a Coppy, and to whom. Published for the good of the Lords of Mannors, and their Tenants.
1635 £395.00
A Letter Concerning Libels, Warrants, the Seisure of Papers, and sureties for the peace of behaviour; with a view to some late proceedings, and the defence of them by the majority. with the postscript and an appendix.
1771 £35.00
A Letter from Candor, to the Public Advertiser.
1770 £45.00
CAWLEY (William)
The Laws of Q. Elizabeth, K. James and K. Charles the First. Concerning Jesuites, Seminary Priests, Recusants, &c. And concerning the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance explained by divers Judgments and Resolutions of the Reverend Judges. Together with other Observations upon the same Laws. To which is added the Statute XXV Car. II. cap. 2. for preventing dangers which may happen from Popish Recusants. And an Alphabetical Table to the whole. By William Cawley of the Inner Temple, Esq;
1680 £595.00
Trial of James Charlton, at the Northumberland Assizes, Held on the 20th of August, 1810, before Sir Robert Graham, Knt., one of the barons of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, at the prosecution of Michael Aynsley the elder, on the charge of robbing Kirkley Hall on the 3d of April, 1809, and feloniously stealing therefrom the sum of L1157 13s. 6d., the property of Nathaniel Ogle, Esq.
1810 £145.00
A Report from the Committee appointed by Order of the House of Commons to examine Christopher Layer, and Others; and to whom several Papers and Examinations laid before the House, relating to the Conspiracy mentioned in His Majesty's Speech, at the Opening of Parliament, to be carrying on against his Person and Government, were referred. Reported on the First of March, 1722, by the Right Honourable William Pulteney, Esq; Chairman of the said Committee. Together with the Appendixes, containing Examinations, Letters, and other Papers referred to in the said Report. Publish'd by Order of the House of Commons.
1722 £275.00
Authentick Memoirs of the Wicked Life and Dying Words of the late John Collington, of Throwleigh, in Kent, who was executed on Saturday, April 7, 1750, at Maidstone, for maliciously hiring John Stone and William Luckhurst, to set on Fire to the Barn and Ricks of Mr. John Clarke; in which is a full and particular Account of his unheard-of of Cruelties, Acts of Revenge, and Malice; particularly to his first Wife and Children, and Neighbours where-ever he lived: Together with his Behaviour during his Confinement in Goal to the Time of his Execution, .... To which is added of the Life and Dying Words of John Stone, .... as also those of John Williams for House-breaking, and Francis Foster for robbing on the Highway, who were all three executed at the same Time with Collington.
1750 £295.00
The Three Prize Essays on Agriculture and the Corn Law. [Showing the Injurious Effects of the Corn Law upon Tenant Farmers and Farm Labourers. By George Hope, Arthur Morse and William Rathbone Greg.] Published by the National Anti-Corn-Law League.
1842 £40.00
COSTINE (D. Dunlop)
Has the Present System of the Administration of the Poor Laws Increased or Decreased Pauperism? A Paper Read at the Annual Conference of Poor Law Guardians of the Lancashire and Cheshire Unions, at Manchester, October 6, 1876.
1876 £35.00
Proceedings of a General Court Martial, held in the Orderly Room at the Barracks in Colchester, on seven Officers, of the West Kent Regiment of Militia, by order of Lieutenant-General Lord Charles Fitzroy, commanding the Eastern District, on a Charge exhibited against them by Lieutenant-Colonel Dalton, of the same regiment; with their Defence, and Prefatory Observations. Solicitors for the Prisoners, Mr. Sutton, of Colchester.
1807 £275.00

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