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Author Title Year Price
[GALLOWAY (Honorary Colonel Thomas L.)]
The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry 1848 to 1948.
1948 £75.00
The Annals of the Twelfth East Suffolk Regiment. By C. H. G.
1908 £40.00
[GODWIN (William)]
The History of the Life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.
1783 £295.00
[GORDON (George)]
Collectanea for a Flora of Moray; or, A List of the Phaenogamous Plants and Ferns Hitherto Found within the Province.
1839 £110.00
[HARBIN (George]
The Hereditary Right of the Crown of England asserted; the History of the Succession since the Conquest clear'd; and the true English Constitution vindicated from the Misrepresentations of Dr. Higden's View and Defence. Wherein some Mistakes also of our Common Historians are rectify'd;...... By a Gentleman.
1713 £375.00
[HERON (John)]
[Two works bound in one.] An Account of the Donations to the Parish of Newark upon Trent, in the County of Nottingham. By a Parishioner. London: Printed for the Use of the Parishioners, 1748. First edition, vii, [1], 80pp. [Bound with:] Churchwardens. An Address to the Parishioners of Newark upon Trent.
1748 £195.00
[HOVENDEN (Robert)]
Genealogical Memoranda Relating to the Family of Hovenden. Privately Printed. Part I [all published].
1872 £45.00
[HOWITT (William) & (Mary)]
The Ruined Castles of North Wales. With Photograpic Illustrations by Bedford, Sedgfield and Ambrose.
1929 £145.00
[MACDONELL (Alexander R.)]
Vindication of the "Clanronald or Glengary" against the attacks made upon them in the Inverness Journal [by A. R. Macdonell] and some recent printed Performances. With remarks as to the descent of the Family who style themselves "Of Clanronald." [with an appendix].
1821 £85.00
[MAGNAN (Dominique)]
Calcografia della Colonna Antonina Divisa in 150 Tavole... Parte I [-III].
1779 £750.00
[PIERSON (Ernest)]
The Story of the Church of S. Guthlac of Stathern.
1900 £20.00
[PULTENEY (William)]
The conduct of the late and present m-------ry compared. With an Impartial Review of Public Transactions since the Resignation of the Right Honourable the Earl of Orford; and of the Causes that immediately effected the same. To which is added, Remarks on the Farther Report of a certain Committee. In a Letter to a Friend.
1742 £35.00
[ROSCOE (William)]
A Review of Mr. Roscoe's considerations on the causes of the present war, and the Expediency of a Peace with France.
1808 £30.00
[SALISBURY (William)]
A Catalogue of the Brompton Botanic Garden, being a List of such Plants as are cultivated therein. To which is added, a List of the Subscribers. Part I. containing hardy Plants. [all published].
1803 £495.00
Essai sur le Systeme Militaire de Bonaparte, suivi d'une courte notice sur la Révolution française, et le couronnement de sa majesté corse, par C.H.S.
1810 £35.00
[SHEPHERD (W.R.)], Editor.
The Benedictines of Caldey Island (formerly of Painsthorpe, York) containing the history, purpose, method, and summary of the Rule of the Benedictines of the Isle of Caldey, S. Wales.
1907 £45.00
[SHERLOCK (Hester)?]
A Second Letter to a Gentleman of the Long Robe in Great Britain; wherein some of the late Illegal Proceedings of the Barons of the Exchequer, in the Kingdom of Ireland, are Plainly and impartially set forth.
1720 £120.00
[STANNARD (Eaton)]
The Honest Man's Speech.
1749 £85.00
[SYKES (Arthur Ashley)]
An Answer to the Nonjurors Charge of Schism upon the Church of England.
1716 £45.00
[Thomas Pelham Holles, Duke of Newcastle, and the Right Hon. Henry Pelham].
A Letter to the Author of an Examination of the Principles; and an enqury [sic] into the conduct of the two b-rs: in which is proved, by indisputable facts of foreign transactions, that the two b--rs are true guardians to these kingdoms;... and are therefore falsly accused by the said letter writer.
1749 £50.00
[TINDAL (Matthew)]
New High-Church turn'd old Presbyterian. Utrum horum never a barrel the better herring.
1709 £20.00
[WHEATLEY Major J. M.)]
History of the Dorsetshire Regiment, 1914-1919 [Part I: The Regular Battalions Part II: The Territorial Battalions Part III: The Service Battalions.]
1932 £125.00
[WHITWORTH (Sir Charles)]
A Collection of the Supplies, and Ways and Means, from the Revolution to the Present Time. By a Member of Parliament.
1763 £110.00
[WIGHTMAN (Robert)?]
The Edinburgh Packet opened, by a Collection of curious Pamphlets published on Occasion of the present unaccountable Rebellion, and on other important Critical Occasions, from the Year 1724 to the Year 1745; Written by one and the same Person. [attributed to Robert Wightman in a contemporary note written on the general title].
1745 £650.00
[WILLES (Sir John)]
The Speech that was intended to have been spoken by the Terrae-Filius, In the Theatre at O----d, July 13. 1713. Had not his Mouth been stopp'd by the V. Ch------r.
1713 £48.00

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