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Author Title Year Price
CLARKE (Benjamin)
A New Arrangement of Phanerogamous Plants, with Especial Reference to Relative Position, Including their Relations with the Cryptogamous.
1861 £175.00
COLGAN (Nathaniel)
Flora of the County Dublin: Flowering Plants, Higher Cryptograms, and Characeæ.
1904 £325.00
A Calendar of Flora, Composed during the Year 1809, at Warrington, Lat. 53o. 30'.
1810 £85.00
CURTIS (William)
A Catalogue of the British, Medicinal, Culinary, and Agricultural Plants, Cultivated in the London Botanical Garden. To which are prefixed, Proposals for opening it by Subscription.
1783 £650.00
A Flora of Ulster and Botanist's Guide to the North of Ireland.
1864 £95.00
DILLENIUS (Johann Jacob)
Historia Muscorum: A General History of Land and Water, &c. Mosses and Corals, Containing all the Known Species, Exhibited by about 1000 Figures, on 85 large Royal 4to Cooper Plates, collected, drawn and engraved in the best Manner from the Originals by the Author.
1768 £995.00
DONN (James)
Hortus Cantabrigiensis; or, an Accented Catalogue of Indigenous and Exotic Plants, Cultivated in the Cambridge Botanic Garden. With the additions and improvements of the successive editors:- F. Pursh, J. Lindley and G. Sinclair.
1845 £20.00
DUNN (Stephen Troyte)
Alien Flora of Britain.
1905 £12.00
Catalogue Raisonné of 18th and Early 19th Century Flower and Fruit Books and Prints.
1970 £65.00
ELLIS (Herrn Johann)
Versuch einer Natur-Geschichte der Corall-Arten und anderer dergleichen Mer-Cörper, welche gemeiniglich an den Küsten von Gross-Britannien und Irrland gefunden werden : nebst der Beschreibung eines grossen Büschel-Polypen, welcher in dem Eis- Mere gefangen worden...
1767 £475.00
ENGLISH (James Lake)
A Manual for the Preservation of the Larger Fungi (Hymenomycetes) in their Natural Condition, by a New and Approved Method; Also of a New Process for the Preservation of Wild Flowers.
1882 £48.00
EWART (Joseph)
Poisonous Snakes and their Poisons. A Paper Read before the Brighton and Sussex Natural History Society, on November 8th, 1883.
1883 £38.00
FORBES (Edward)
A History of British Starfishes, and other Animals of the Class Echinodermata.
1861 £45.00
GALPIN (Rev. F. W.)
An Account of the Flowering Plants, Ferns and Allies of Harleston. With a Sketch of the Geology, Climate, and Natural Characteristics of the Neighbourhood. To Which are added Observations on the Birds of the District by Charles Candler.
1888 £35.00
GARNER (Robert)
The Natural History of the County of Stafford; comprising its Geology, Zoology, Botany, and Meteorology: also its Antiquities, Topography, Manufactures, etc. [with] Supplement to the Natural History of the County of Stafford;....
1844 £75.00
GOSSE (Philip Henry)
A Naturalist's Rambles on the Devonshire Coast.
1853 £125.00
GOURLAY (William)
Observations on the Natural History, Climate, and Diseases of Madeira, During a Period of Eighteen Years.
1811 £295.00
A Descriptive Catalogue of Upwards of Eleven Hundred Species and Varieties of Herbaceous or Perennial Plants; divided into six columns; Exhibiting at one View, The names, Magnitude, Soil and situation, time of flowering, colour of the Flowers, And Native Country of each Species. To which is added, a list of handy ferns for the decoration of northern borders, and the most ornamental annuals. By John Græfer, Botanic Gardener to the King of Naples.
1794 £750.00
The Fungi of Hertfordshire. Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society and Field Club.
1951 £20.00
HAMILTON (William)
Letters Concerning the Northern Coast of the County of Antrim. Containing a natural history of its Basaltes: with an account of such circumstances as are worthy of notice respecting the antiquities, manners and customs of that country. The whole illustrated by an accurate map of the coast, roads, mountains, &c. In these letters is stated a plain and impartial View of the Volcanic Theory of the Basaltes.
1786 £425.00
HANHAM (Frederick) Editor.
Natural Illustrations of the British Grasses.
1846 £495.00
HINE (Reginald L.) Editor.
The Natural History of the Hitchin Region.
1934 £25.00
HOLME (Frederic)
On the Earlier Notices Relative to the Natural History of the Giraffe.
1838 £45.00
HUISH (Robert)
The Cottager's Manual for the Management of his Bees, for Every Month in the Year; Both on the Suffocating and Depriving System; With the necessary Instructions for the Purchase of Hives, and the general Management of the Apiary.
1820 £395.00
HULL (John)
Elements of Botany. Illustrated by Sixteen Engravings. Volume I: Introduction to the Sexual System of Linnæus. Botanical Terms and Definitions. Volume II: Characters of the Genera of British Plants. Lectures on the Natural Order.
1800 £295.00

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