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Author Title Year Price
[GOUGH (John)]
A Collection of Narrative Pieces from Ancient and Modern History. With a Short Introduction to Geography. For the Use of the Lower Classes of English Scholars in the School at Prospect Hill.
1790 £475.00
HACK (Maria Barton)
English Stories, illustrating some of the most interesting Events and Characters, between the Accession of Alfred and the Death of John.
1825 £35.00
HANNAS (Linda)
The English Jigsaw Puzzle 1760-1890. With a Descriptive Check-List of Puzzles in the Museums of Great Britain and the Author's Collection.
1972 £18.00
HANNAS (Linda)
The English Jigsaw Puzzle 1760-1890. With a Descriptive Check-List of Puzzles in the Museums of Great Britain and the Author's Collection.
1972 £18.00
Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe. Translated and edited by Brian W. Alderson.
1967 £8.00
(For the use of Schools.) An Abridgment of the History of Scotland, from Robertson, Stuart, &c. in the Manner of Goldsmith's Abridgment of the Histories of England, Rome, and Greece.
1791 £165.00
HORT (William Jillard)
An Epitome of Universal History: equally adapted to Domestic and to School Education.
1822 £65.00
The Life and Martyrdom, of St. John the Baptist.
1815 £25.00
Geography and Astronomy familiarized. For Youth of both sexes.
1800 £175.00
Galerie des Arts Utiles ou entretiens d'un Père avec ses Enfants sur les Inventions, découvertes, perfectionnements et autre merveilles de l'industrie des Hommes. Ornée de jolie gravures.
1842 £75.00
MAVOR (William Fordyce)
The British Nepos; or Mirror of Youth: consisting of Select Lives of illustrious Britons [including Captain Cook], who have distinguished themselves by their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable advancement in Life, with incidental Capacities of Youth Written purposely for the Use of Schools, and carefully adapted to the situations and capacities of Youth.
1800 £145.00
The News-Readers Pocket-Book: or, a Military Dictionary. Explaining The most difficult Terms made use of in Fortification, Gunnery, and the whole Compass of the Military Art. And a naval dictionary; explaining The Terms used in Navigation, Ship-Building, &c. To which is added, a Concise Political History of Europe. With the Genealogies and Families of the several Emperors, Kings, and Princes, now reigning; and some account of the Religions they profess.
1759 £295.00
MOON (Marjorie)
Benjamin Tabart's Juvenile Library. A Bibliography of Books for Children Published, Written, Edited and Sold by Mr. Tabart, 1801-1820.
1990 £12.00
MUIR (Percy)
English Children's Books 1600 to 1900.
1954 £9.00
Stories from the History of Ceylon for Children.
1910 £25.00
Parables, in Verse. The Barren Fig-Tree: and The Pharisee and Publican.
1815 £20.00
Report of the Committee of the Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline, and for the Reformation of Juvenile Offernders.
1818 £75.00
The Prodigal Son. In Verse. Shewing how a young gentleman spent his money in riotous living, and was afterwards reduced to feed swine, when being almost starved he returned to his father, who kindly received him, and made a great feast on the occasion.
1815 £22.00
QUIN (Theophilus)
The Biographical Exemplar: comprising Memoirs of Persons who have Risen to Eminence by Industry and Perseverance in the Beneficial Occupations of Life. Principally designed for the Incitement and Instruction of Youth.
1814 £45.00
John Newbery and his Successors 1740-1814. A Bibliography.
1973 £25.00
James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow. Their Juvenile Books and Chapbooks.
1981 £10.00
SCHUSTER (Thomas E.) Compiler.
Printed Kate Greenaway: A Catalogue Raisonne. Edited by Rodney Engen.
1987 £50.00
The Householder and Labourers.
1815 £20.00
The Wandering Jew; or, the Shoemaker of Jerusalem. Who lived when our lord and saviour Jesus Christ was crucified, and by him appointed to wander till his coming again. With his travels, method of living, and a discourse with.
1815 £20.00
THOMSON (Susan Ruth)
Kate Greenaway. A Catalogue of the Kate Greenaway Collection Rare Book Room, Detroit Public Library.
1977 £16.00

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