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[LAROON (Marcellus)]
The Cryes of the City of London Drawn after the Life. Les Cris de la Ville de Londres dessignez après la Nature. L'Arti com[m]uni che vanno p[er] Londra Fatte dal Naturale. P. Tempest [excudit].
1711 £1875.00
[O'BRIEN (Charles)]
A Treatise on Calico Printing, Theoretical and Practical: Including the latest Philosophical Discoveries - any way applicable :- Accompanied with Suggestions Relative to various Manufactures.
1792 £1595.00
BENNET (Rev. Abraham)
New Experiments on Electricity, wherein the causes of thunder and lightning as well as the constant state of positive or negative electricity in the air or clouds, are explained; with Experiments on Clouds of Powders and Vapours Artificially Diffused in the Air. Also a Description of a Doubler of Electricity, and of the Most Sensible Electrometer Yet Constructed. With Other New Experiments and Discoveries in the Science. illustrated by explanatory plates. By the Rev. A. Bennet, F. R. S. Curate of Wirksworth, Derbyshire.
1789 £775.00
The Court and Country Confectioner: or, the House-Keeper's Guide; To a more speedy, plain, and familiar method of understanding the whole art of confectionary, pastry, distilling, and the making of fine flavoured English wines from all kinds of fruits, herbs, and flowers; comprehending near five hundred easy and practical receipts, never before made known. Particularly, Preserving. Candying. Icing. Transparent Marmalade. Orange. Pine-Apple. Pistachio, and other Rich Creams. Caramel. Pastils. Bomboons. Syrups. Puff, Spun, and Fruit-Pastes. Light-Biscuits. Puffs. Rich Seed-Cakes. Custards. Syllabubs. Flummeries. Trifles, Whips, Fruits, and other Jellies. - Pickles, &c. Also New and easy directions for clarifying the different degrees of sugar, together with several bills of fare of deserts for private gentlemen's families, A new edition. To which is added, a dissertation on the different species of fruits, and the art of distilling simple waters, cordials, persumed oils, and essences. By Mr. Borella, now head confectioner to the Spanish Ambassador in England.
1772 £1495.00
The Complete Art of Boxing, According to the Modern Method; Wherein the whole of that manly accomplishment is rendered so easy and intelligent, that any person may be an entire master of the science in a few days, without an other instruction than this book. To which is added, the general history of boxing. Containing an account of the most eminent professors of that noble art, who have flourished from its commencement to the present time. By an amateur of eminence.
1788 £3500.00
CHAUNCY (Sir Henry)
The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire: with the original of counties, hundreds or wapentakes and hamlets; the foundation and origin of monasteries, churches, and vicarages; the several honors, mannors, and parks of the nobility and gentry; and the succession of the lords each. Faithfully collected from public records, ancient manuscripts and other select authorities...
1700 £1675.00
CLARKE (Benjamin)
A New Arrangement of Phanerogamous Plants, with Especial Reference to Relative Position, Including their Relations with the Cryptogamous.
1861 £175.00
De Vita et Moribus sacerdotum opusculum singularem eorum dignitatem oftendens, & quibus ornata esse debeant virtutibus, authore Iudoco Clichthoueo theologo Parisiensi. Item Sacri canonis missæ parphrastica explicatio per Michaelem suffraganeum Moguntinum. Ionnes Rokziana de septem sacramentis de non scriptis traditionibus.
1550 £595.00
A Treatise upon the Inflammation in the Breasts, Peculiar to lying-in women; and also upon some diseases attending them, which are the consequences of neglect or maltreatment. By J. Clubbe, surgeon, of Ipswich.
1779 £245.00
DEERING (George Charles)
Catalogus Stirpium, &c. or, Catalogue of Plants naturally growing and commonly cultivated in divers Parts of England, more especially about Nottingham. The most known Latin and English Names of the several Plants, the Tribe they belong to, the time of their flowering, and of those which are either Officinals, or otherwise of any known Efficacy, such Virtues are briefly mentioned as me be depended upon. With an English Index .......
1738 £450.00
Vases, Modern and Antique, from Various Examples, Proper for Metal, Stone, or Wood. Engraved on Thirty-Nine Plates.
1815 £945.00
Large Sample Book of Fancy Coloured Patterned Velvet's for Curtains. [Cover title] Saison d'Eté 1890. Draperies et Nouveautés. Meurant Béfort.
1890 £395.00
ERASMUS (Desiderius)
Epitome Adagiorum ex Novissima D. Erasmi Rot recognitione; per Eberha[rdum] Tappium ad numerum Chiliadum aucta, &,....
1545 £725.00
FOURCROY (Antoine-Francois comte de)
A General System of Chemical Knowledge; and its Application to the Phenomena of Nature and Art. In Eleven Volumes Together with a Set of Synoptic Tables, in Large Folio. Translated from the original French, by William Nicholson.
1801 £2445.00
The London and Birmingham Railway Companion, containing a complete description of everything worthy of attention on the line; of the gentlemen's seats, villas, towns, villages, rivers, markets, and fairs. An account of the churches, endowments, livings, and patrons. List of races; and an account of the hunting and angling stations near the line; also fare and time tables.
1837 £175.00
HOOPER (William)
Rational Recreations, in which the principles of numbers and natural philosophy are clearly and copiously elucidated, by a series of easy, entertaining interesting, experiments. Among which are all those commonly performed with the cards.
1782 £645.00
A Treatise on the Malignant Angina: or, putrid and ulcerous sore-throat. To which are added, some remarks on the angina trachealis.
1779 £175.00
Butterflies of Hongkong [and South-East China.]
1907 £895.00
LOUDON (Mrs. [Jane Webb])
The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Greenhouse Plants.
1848 £1975.00
LUTHER (Martin)
A Commentarie of M. Doctor Martin Luther upon the Epistle of S. Paule to the Galathians, First Collected and gathered Word by Word out of his preaching, and now out of Latine faithfully translated into English for the Unlearned. Wherein is set foorth most excellent the Riches of Gods grace ....
1580 £1600.00
MAMMATT (Edward)
A Collection of Geological Facts and Practical Observations, Intended to Elucidate the Formation of the Ashby Coal-Field, in the Parish of Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the Neighbouring District; Being the Result of Forty Years' Experience and Research.
1834 £875.00
MANNING (Rev. Owen) & BRAY (William)
The History and Antiquities of the County of Surrey, Compiled from the best and most authentic historians, valuable records, and manuscripts in the public offices and libraries, and in private hands. With a facsimile copy of Domesday, engraved on thirteen plates. Continued to the present day by William Bray.
1804 £975.00
MARTIN (William)
Petrificata Derbiensia; or, Figures and Descriptions Collected in Derbyshire.
1809 £1245.00
MIURA (Einen)
The Art of Marbled Paper. Marbled Patterns and How to Make Them.
1989 £375.00
MOXON (Joseph)
A Tutor to Astronomie and Geographie. Or an easie and speedy way to know the use of both the globes, coelestial and terrestrial. In six books. The first teaching the rudiments of astronomie and geographie. The shewing by the globe; the solution of 2. Astronomical and geographical prob. 3. Problemes in navigation. 4. Astrological problemes. 5. Gnomonical problemes. 6. Trigonometrical problemes. More fully and amply than hath yet been set forth either by Gemma Frisius, Metius, Hues, Wright, Blæw, or any others that have taught the use of the globes; and that so plainly and methodically that the meanest capacity may at first reading apprehend it, and with a little practice grow expert in these divine sciences. With an appendix shewing the use of the Ptolomaick sphere. The second edition, corrected and enlarged. By Joseph Moxon, hydrographer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. Whereunto is added the antient poetical stories of the stars shewing reasons why the several shapes and forms are pictured on the coelestial globe. As also a discourse of the antiquity, progress and augmentation of astronomie.
1670 £695.00
NAVARI (Leonora)
Greece and the Levant. The Catalogue of the Henry Myron Blackmer Collection of Books and Manuscripts.
1989 £1600.00
NOVEL. [HELME (Elizabeth)]
Louisa; or, the Cottage on the Moor. In Two Volumes.
1787 £295.00
NOVEL. OPIE (Mrs. [Amelia Alderson])
Tales of the Heart. By Mrs. Opie.
1820 £395.00
Orme (Edward)
An Essay on Transparent Prints, and on Transparencies in General.
1807 £2975.00
PALLAS (Dr. [Peter Simon])
An Account of the Different kinds of Sheep Found in the Russian Dominions, and among the Tartar Hordes of Asia: To which is added, five appendixes tending to illustrate the natural and economical history of sheep and other domestic animals by James Anderson.
1794 £995.00
Panoramic View of Jerusalem, and the Adjacent Towns and Villages. From a Drawing by the Librarian of the Armenian Convent. With descriptions and illustrations from the works of Robinson, Keith, Buckingham, Horne, Rae Wilson, etc.
1842 £375.00
Description of a Second View of the Ruins of Pompeii, and Surrounding Country; Representing the Tragic Theatre, Covered Theatre, Temple of Isis, Small Forum, Now Exhibiting in the Panorama, Leicester-Square: Painted, from Drawings taken on the Spot, by Mr. Burford.
1824 £95.00
Theatrum Botanicum: The Theater of Plants or, an Herball of Large Extent: containing therein a more ample and exact history and declaration of the physicall herbs and plants that are in other authours, encreased by the accesse of many hundreds of new, rare, and strange plants from all the parts of the world, with sundry gummes, and other physicall materials, than hath beene hitherto published by any before; and a most large demonstration of their natures and vertues. Shevving vvithall the many errors, differences, and oversights of sundry authors that have formerly written of them; and a certaine confidence, or most probable conjecture of the true and genuine herbes and plants. Distributed into sundry classes or tribes, for the more easie knowledge of the many herbes of one nature and property, with the chiefe notes of Dr. Lobel, Dr. Bonham, and others inserted therein. Collected by the many yeares travaile, industry, and experience in this subject, by Iohn Parkinson apothecary of London, and the Kings herbarist. And published by the Kings Majestyes especiall priviledge.
1640 £3750.00
PECK (Thomas)
The Norwich Directory; Containing Alphabetical List of the Principal Inhabitants, their Address, Profession, or Trade. A Concise History of Norwich; Pointing out the most remarkable Places in it worthy the Attention of Strangers... with an Engraved Plan of the City, with References.
1802 £345.00
RAWLINS (Thomas)
Familiar Architecture: Consisting of Original Designs of Houses for Gentlemen and Tradesmen, Parsonages and Summer-Retreats; With Back-Fronts, Sections, Etc., Together with Banqueting-Rooms, Churches, and Chimney-Pieces, To which is Added, The Masonry of the Semicircular and Elliptical Arches, with Practical Remarks.
1768 £1445.00
READ (Alexander)
Chirurgorum comes: or, The whole practice of chirurgery. Begun by the learned Dr. Read; continu'd and compleated by a member of the College of Physicians in London.
1687 £795.00
New Designs in Architecture, Consisting of Plans, Elevations, and Sections for various Buildings, Comprising in XLIV Folio Plates, Designed and Engraved by George Richardson, Architect. / Nouveaux desseins d'architecture, ou, plans, elevations, et coupes de divers bâtimens; Compris in Xliv Planches in Folio, dessinées et gravées par George Richardson architecte.
1792 £3000.00
[RICHTER (Jean-Paul)]
Jean Paul's Sämmtliche Werke in Vier Bänden.
1843 £395.00
ROOKE (H[ayman])
A Sketch of the Ancient and Present State of Sherwood Forest, in the County of Nottingham. Nottingham: Printed by S. Tupman, 1799. First edition, 30pp., without the final errata leaf, 4 folding engraved plates. [Bound with:] ----. Description of an Ancient Medallion in the Possession of H. Rooke. Nottingham: Printed by Samuuel Tupman, 1800. First edition, 7, [1]pp., one engraved plate illustrating both sides of the ancient brass medallion of St. Paul found in 1775 by workmen near Newstead Priory. [Bound with:] ----. A Description of the Great Oak in Salcey Forest, in the County of Northampton. Illustrated by Two Views.
1797 £395.00
The Atlantic Telegraph. Illustrated by Robert Dudley. Dedicated by Special Permission to His Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince of Wales.
1866 £2995.00
SAINT GERMAN (Christopher)
The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinitie and a Student of Lawes of England... with New Additions.
1598 £995.00
Salzgrubenfahrt am Dürrenberg. Gez. von Brunner. Stich von P. Herwegen.
1847 £95.00
SCHWERDT (Charles Francis George Richard)
Hunting, Hawking, Shooting Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings Collected by C.F.G.R. Schwerdt.
1928 £3150.00
SHAW (James)
Plans, Elevations, and Sections; with Observations and Explanations, of Forcing-Houses, in Gardening. By James Shaw, Gardener to the Right Hon. Lord Mulgrave.
1794 £5500.00
SHAW (Rev. Stebbing)
The History and Antiquities of Staffordshire... Interspersed with Pedigrees and Anecdotes of Families; Observations on Agriculture, Commerce, Mines, and Manufactories; and Illustrated with a Very Full and Correct New Map of the County... Volume II. Part I. [All Published].
1798 £1350.00
SOWERBY (J., Jun.)
The Mushroom and Champignon Illustrated, Compared with, and Distinguished from, the Poisonous Fungi that Resemble them.
1832 £575.00
THOMAS (William)
Original Designs in Architecture, By William Thomas, M.S.A. Architect and Surveyor: Consisting of Twenty-seven Copper-Plates, in Folio; Which contain Plans, Elevations, Sections, Ceilings, and Chimney Pieces, for Villas and Town Houses; Designs for Temples, Grottos, Sepulchres, Bridges, &c. in the most approved Taste. To which are Prefixed, a Suitable Introduction, and a Description, explaining the Several Designs.
1783 £4200.00
TOLET (François)
A Treatise of Lithotomy: or, Of the Extraction of the Stone out of the Bladder. Written in French by Mr. Tolet, Lithotomist in the Hospital of the Charity at Paris. Translated into English by A. Lovell.
1683 £1495.00
The Key to Success and Strictly Business.
1899 £545.00
TUER (Andrew W.)
History of the Horn-Book.
1896 £475.00
Specimen of Printing Types of the Caslon and Glasgow Letter Foundry.
1857 £1495.00
Specimens of Types, Borders, and Ornaments, kept in stock by Frederick Ullmer, (late F. Ullmer and Son,) 15, Old Bailey, London.
1851 £695.00
WATSON (White)
A Delineation of the Strata of Derbyshire, Forming the Surface from Bolsover in the East to Buxton in the West, by a plate, designed from a tablet, composed of the specimens of each stratum within the above line, With an Explanatory Account of the same; Together with a Description of the Fossils found in these Strata; and also of the Nature and Quality of the respective Soils.
1811 £975.00
WILLIAMSON (Captain Thomas)
The Costume and Customs of Modern India; from a collection of drawings by Charles Doyley, Esq., engraved by J.H. Clark and C. Dubourg; with a preface and copius descriptions by Captain Thomas Williamson.
1823 £2650.00
WOOD (J. & R. M.)
Specimens of Polytype Ornaments Cast by J. & R. M. Wood, (Late S. & T. Sharwood,) 89, West Smithfield, London.
1850 £2995.00
WOOD (William)
Catalogue of an Extensive and Valuable Collection of the Best Works on Natural History, Arranged in Classes According to the Linnean System. With an Enumeration of the Pages and Plates Each Volume Contains. Now selling, at the Prices affixed to each, by William Wood.
1824 £325.00
The Whole Art of Marbling as Applied to Paper, Book-Edges Etc. Containing a Full Description of the Nature and Properties of the Materials used, the Methods of Preparing them, and of Executing Every Kind of Marbling in use at the Present Time, with Numerous Illustrations and Examples.
1881 £650.00
YOUNG (Arthur)
Annals of Agriculture, and other useful Arts. Collected and Published by Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. [A consecutive run from vol. 1-39; 1784-1803].
1786 £1650.00