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The Travels and Adventures of Edward Brown, Esq; Formerly a Merchant of London. Containing His Observations on France and Italy; His Voyage to the Levant; His Account of the Isle of Malta; His Remarks in His Journies thro' the Lower and Upper Egypt; together with a brief Description of the Abyssinian Empire. Interspersed throughout with several curious Historical Passages relating to our own as well as Foreign Nations; as also with Critical Disquisitions as to the present State of Sciences in Egypt, particularly Physic and Chemistry.
1739 £375.00
[EMERSON (William)]
The Principles of Mechanics. Explaining and demonstrating the general laws of motion, the laws of gravity, motion of descending bodies, projectiles, mechanic powers, Pendulums, Centers of Gravity, &c. Strength and Stress of Timber, Hydrostatics, and Construction of Machines. A Work very necessary to be known, by all Gentlemen, and Others, that desire to have an Insight into the Works of Nature and Art. And extremely useful to all Sorts of Artificers; particularly to Architects, Engineers, Shipwrights, Millwrights, Watchmakers, &c. or any that work in a Mechanical Way.
1758 £675.00
[MEARS (William)]
A Compleat Catalogue of All Plays That were ever yet Printed in the English Language. Containing the dates and number of Plays written by every particular author: An Account of what Plays were Acted with Applause, and of those which were never Acted; and also the Authors now Living. In Two separate Alphabets. Continued to this present Year, 1726.
1726 £2945.00
[OLDYS (William) JOHNSON (Samuel) & MAITTAIRE (Michel)
Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, in locos communes distributus cum indice auctorum.
1743 £2445.00
Les Oracles Divertissans, où l'on trouve le decision des Questions les plus curieuses pour se resjoüir dans les Compagnies, avec un Traitté tres-recreatif des Couleurs aux Armouries...,
1677 £845.00
[WOLF (Johann Christoph)]
The Life and Adventures of John Christopher Wolf, Late Principal Secretary of State at Jaffanapatnam, in Ceylon, together with a Description of the that Island, its Natural Productions, and the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants. Translated from the Original German. To which is added, a short, but Comprehensive Description of the same Island, by Mr. Eschelekroon.
1785 £795.00
ALESSANDRO (Giuseppe d', Duca di Pescolanciano)
Opera... divisa in cinque libri, ne qvali si tratta delle regole di Cavalcare, della professione di spada ed altri esercizi d'armi, con figure di briglie, torni e bresci, ed altre a cio appartenente; con un trattato del modo di curare l'infermitá de Cavalli, loro Preservativi, ed ancora con le figure de merchi delle razze piu nobili del regno di Napoli; parimente con l'aggiunta d'alcune rime, lettere et trattati di fisonomia, pittura...
1723 £7495.00
Aristophanis Comœdiae ex optimis exemplaribus emendatae studio Rich. Franc. Phil. Brunck. [Aristophanis Comoediae in Latinum sermonem conversae].
1783 £345.00
AZUNI (Domenico Alberto)
Systême Universel de Principes du Droit Maritime de l'Europe... Traduit de l'Italien, avec des additions du même auteur.
1797 £845.00
Report of the Committee of the Society of Arts, &c, Together with the Approved Communications and Evidence upon the same, Relative to the Mode of Preventing the Forgery of Bank Notes. Printed by Order of the Society.
1819 £695.00
Travels in Syria and the Holy Land; By the Late John Lewis Burckhardt.
1822 £1345.00
BURTON (Richard F.)
Ultima Thule; or, a Summer in Iceland.
1875 £1100.00
A Journey Over Land to India, Partly by a route never gone before by any European... In a series of letters to his son. Comprehending his Shipwreck and Imprisonment with Hyder Alli and his Subsequent Negotiations and Transactions in the East.
1795 £950.00
Spiritus Gorgonicus, vi sua saxipara exutus; sive de causis, signis, et sanatione lithiaseos, diatriba.
1650 £475.00
COLGAN (Nathaniel)
Flora of the County Dublin: Flowering Plants, Higher Cryptograms, and Characeæ.
1904 £325.00
COTMAN (John Sell)
Architectural Antiquities of Norfolk, A Series of Etchings, of the most Remarkable Remains in the County... with Descriptive Notices by Dawson Turner, and Architectural Observations by Thomas Rickman. [Bound with:] ----. Specimens of Norman and Gothic Remains in the County of Norfolk, a Second Series of Etchings. [Bound with:] ----. Specimens of Castelland and Ecclesiastical Remains in the County of Norfolk...
1838 £795.00
COTMAN (John Sell)
Engravings of Sepulchral Brasses in Norfolk and Suffolk, Tending to Illustrate the Ecclesiastical, Military, and Civil Costume, as well as to Preserve Memorials of Ancient Families in that County. With an Introductory Essay by Dawson Turner, Second Edition, with Additional Plates.
1839 £850.00
DESAGULIERS (John Theophile)
A Course of Experimental Philosophy.
1764 £1695.00
DIBDIN (Rev. Thomas Frognal)
The Bibliographical Decameron: or, Ten Days Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects Connected with Early Engraving, Typography, and Bibliography.
1817 £3000.00
DIBDIN (Rev. Thomas Frognal)
The Bibliographical Decameron: or, Ten Days Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects Connected with Early Engraving, Typography, and Bibliography.
1817 £995.00
DIBDIN (Thomas Frognall)
A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany. [Bound with:] LEWIS (George) A Series of Groups, Illustrating the Physiognomy, Manners, and Character of the People of France and Germany. 1823. [Bound with:] LEWIS (George) Advertisement. [1823].
1821 £2850.00
ELLIS (Herrn Johann)
Versuch einer Natur-Geschichte der Corall-Arten und anderer dergleichen Mer-Cörper, welche gemeiniglich an den Küsten von Gross-Britannien und Irrland gefunden werden : nebst der Beschreibung eines grossen Büschel-Polypen, welcher in dem Eis- Mere gefangen worden...
1767 £475.00
FENAILLE (Maurice)
Etat General des Tapisseries de la Manufacture des Gobelins depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours 1600-1900.
1923 £2995.00
The Works of Henry Fielding, Esq; With the Life of the Author. A New Edition, in Ten Volumes. To which is now added, The Fathers; or, The Good-natured Man.
1784 £695.00
GARRARD (William)
Copious Trigonometrical Tables, Shewing the Results in all Cases of Plane Trigonometry, by Inspection. Intended to Complete the Requisite Tables to the Nautical Almanack; and as a Necessary Companion to the Theodolite. London: Printed for the Author, by J. Moore, 1789. First edition, 13, [291]pp. [Bound with:] ----. Longitude Made Easy, from the Moon's Altitude Only.
1791 £795.00
The Plate-Glass-Book, Consisting of the Following Authentic Tables. I. The Value of any Looking-Glass when finished and fit for framing. II. The Glass-House Table... III. The Price of Grinding, Polishing, Silvering, and Diamond-cutting... IV. The Value of a Looking-Glass when accidentally Broken... V. The several discounts made at the Glass-House... By a Glass-House Clerk.
1758 £750.00
Bibliotheca Grenvilliana; or Bibliographical Notices of Rare and Curious Books, Forming Part of the Library of the Right Hon. Thomas Grenville: by John Thomas Payne and Henry Foss.
1842 £2445.00
Aimez Loyaulte. The History of Basing House, in Hampshire: Containing an Interesting Account of the Siege in Sustained during the Civil War; with Notices of Distinguished Persons concerned in its Transactions. To which is added Basing House; An Elegy. Basingstoke; Published and Sold by S. Chandler... 1815. First edition, 40pp., engraved frontispiece. [Bound with:] The History of Holy Ghost Chapel, Basingstoke, and of the Brotherhood, or Guild of the Holy Ghost, in the said Chapel... Basingstoke; Published and Sold by S. Chandler... 1819. First edition, viii, 94, [2]pp., with final advert leaf, engraved frontispiece. [Bound with:] The History and Antiquities of Silchester, in Hampshire, the Vindonum of the Romans, and the Caer Segont of the Ancient Britons....
1815 £345.00
HERSCHEL (John Frederick William)
A Collection of Examples of the Applications of the Calculus of Finite Differences. Cambridge: Printed by J. Smith, Printer to the University, 1820. First edition, iv, [2], 171, [1]pp., some prelims foxed. [Bound with:] BABBAGE (Charles) Examples of the Solutions of Functional Equations. s.n., 1820]. First edition, [4], 42pp., one engraved plate, some light spotting. 2 works in one, 8vo (225 x 145 mm), orig. boards, rebacked with new printed paper label, uncut. [Sold with:] PEACOCK (George) A Collection of Examples of the Applications of Differential and Integral Calculus.
1820 £595.00
Hungray. Ibusz Hungarian Tourist Information Office, Budapest.
1951 £275.00
Hungarotex [Textile Trade Company, Budapest].
1951 £245.00
A Description of the Antiquities and Curiosities in Wilton-House. Illustrated with twenty-five Engravings of some of the Capital Statues, Bustos and Relievos. In this Work are introduced the Anecdotes and Remarks of Thomas Earl of Pembroke, who collected these Antiques, now first published from his Lordship's MSS.
1769 £495.00
KNOOP (Johann Hermann)
Pomologia dat is Beschryvingen en Afbeeldingen van de Beste Zoorten van Appels en Peeren, Welke in Neder en Hoog-Duitsland, Frankryk, Engelland... [Bound with:] Fruchtologia of Beschryving der Vrugtbomen en Vrugten... [Bound with:] Dendrologia of Beschryving der Plantagie-gewassen...
1758 £2500.00
LATTER (Thomas)
A Grammar of the Language of Burmah.
1845 £1100.00
The British Lithographer. An Illustrated Technical and Artistic Journal for Lithographers, Artists, Draughtsmen, Phototypes, Wood, Steel and Copperplate Engravers, &c. Vol. 1, no. 1 - Vol. 4, no. 24.
1891 £1250.00
LITHOGRAPHY. [PEIGNOT (Étienne Gabriel)]
Essai Historique sur la Lithographie, renfermant, 1. l'histoire de cette découverte; 2. une notice bibliographique des ouvrages qui ont paru sur la lithographie; et 3. une notice chronologique des différens genres de gravures qui ont plus ou moins de rapport avec la lithographie.
1820 £1500.00
Phillipps Studies. Vol. 1: The Catalogue of Manuscripts & Printed Books of Sir Thomas Phillips. Their Composition and Distribution. Vol. 2: The Family Affairs of Sir Thomas Phillipps. Vol. 3 and 4: The Formation of the Phillipps Library up to the Year 1872. Vol. 5: The Dispersal of the Phillipps Library.
1951 £495.00
Modern War Paintings by C. R. W. Nevinson. With an Essay by P. G. Konody.
1917 £875.00
A Collection of Swiss Costumes, in Miniature, Designed by Reinhardt. Each Plate Represents a View taken on the Spot; To which is added a Description in French and English - Collection de Costumes Suisses, d'Après les Dessins de Reinhardt.
1822 £1295.00
Theoretic Hints of an Improved Practice of Brewing Malt-Liquors; Including some Strictures on the Nature and Properties of Water, Malt, and Hops, The Doctrine of Fermentation, the Agency of Air, the Effects of Heat and Cold on Fermented Liquors, &c. London: Printed for G. Robinson... 1775. First edition, [2], 74pp., without half-title, margins of front endpaper and title page browned from turn-ins, some light foxing. [Bound with:] RICHARDSON (John) Statical Estimates of the Materials of Brewing; or a Treatise on the Application and use of the Saccharometer; an Instrument constructed for the Purposes of regulating to Advantage the Oeconomy of the Brewhouse; and of establishing the Means of producing Uniform Strength in Malt-Liquors... London: Printed for G. Robinson.... 1784. First edition, xx, [4], 243, [9]pp., folding engraved frontispiece showing 'Apparatus for estimating the value of malt and malt liquors', final leaf of text signed by the author, final leaf of index with small hole. [Bound with:] [BAVERSTOCK (James)] Hydrometrical Observations and Experiments in the Brewery. London: Printed for the Author... 1785. First edition, [2], xvi, 104pp., without the half-title and final four leaves of advertisements (as seems to be the case with most copies located). [Bound with:] RICHARDSON (John) Remarks on a Pamphlet Entitled Hydrometrical Observations and Experiments in the Brewery; in a Letter to Mr. More, Secretary to the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. To which is subjoined an Advertisement, Pointing out the easiest method of applying the Saccharometer, in order to produce uniform strength in Malt-Liquors, Addressed to those Brewers who may be adverse to Calculations.
1785 £2695.00
ROSS (John)
A Voyage of Discovery, made under the Orders of the Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the purpose of Exploring Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the probability of a North-West Passage.
1819 £4400.00
The Bestiary. Being a Reproduction in Full of the Manuscript Ii. 4. 26 in the University Library, Cambridge, with Supplementary Plates from other Manuscripts of English Origin, and a Preliminary Study of the Latin Bestiary as Current in England.
1928 £2000.00
ROXBURGHE CLUB. WARNER (George Frederic Warner) & WILSON (Henry Austin) Editors.
The Benedictional of Saint Æthelwold, Bishop of Winchester 963-984. Reproduced in Facsimile from the Manuscript in the Library of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth. Edited with text and introduction by George Fredric Warner and Henry Austin Wilson.
1910 £1850.00
SCHWERDT (Charles Francis George Richard)
Hunting, Hawking, Shooting Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings Collected by C.F.G.R. Schwerdt.
1928 £2795.00
SHAW (Henry)
Specimens of Tile Pavements Drawn from Existing Authorities.
1858 £745.00
SIBTHORP (Rev. R. Raldo)
A Catalogue of Porcelain & Pottery, Oriental, European, & English, the Property of the Rev. R. Waldo Sibthorp, of Nottingham.
1874 £795.00
A Practical Treatise on the Breeding Cow, and extraction of the calf, before and at the time of calving ; in which the question of difficult parturition is considered in all its bearings, with reference to facts and experience; including observations on the diseases of neat cattle generally ; containing profitable instructions to the breeding farmer, cowkeeper, and grazier ; for attending to their own cattle during illness, according to the most approved modern methods of treatment, and the application of long known and skilful prescriptions and remedies for every disorder incident to hirned cattle, the whole adapted to the present improved state of vetertinary practice.
1829 £475.00
Original bookbinder's sample, "Specimens of Bookbinding", representing the choice on offer to prospective customers, including calf and buckram bindings, morocco title labels in contrasting colours, raised bands, gilt tooling and lettering.
1890 £750.00
SWEET (Robert)
Cistineæ. The Natural Order of Cistus, or Rock-Rose; Illustrated by coloured figures and descriptions of the Distinct Species, and the most Prominent Varieties, that could be at present procured in the Gardens of Great Britain; with the best direction for their cultivation and propagation.
1825 £975.00
TILLI (Michelango)
Catalogus plantarum horti Pisani...
1723 £2250.00
TURNER (Captain Samuel)
An Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama, in Tibet; Containing a Narrative of a Journey through Bootan, and part of Tibet. To which is added, views taken on the spot, by Lieutenant Samuel Davis; and observations botanical, mineralogical, and medical, by Mr. Robert Saunders.
1800 £2875.00
Modéles des Caracteres de l'Imprimerie, Nouvellement Fravés par Claude Lamesle, Graveur & Founeur de Caractères.
1769 £3000.00
Épreuves des Caractères Français de l'Imprimerie de H. van Teeckelenburgh.
1810 £1650.00
WATSON (James)
The History of the Art of Printing, Containing an Account of its Invention and Progress in Europe: with the Names of the Famous Printers. The Places of their Birth, and the Works Printed by them. And a Preface by the Publisher to the Printers in Scotland.
1713 £3995.00
WILLIAMS (Frederick Smeeton)
Nottingham: Past and Present; Illustrated by Photographs.
1877 £450.00
Federatia Internationala de Gimnastica, Federatia Romina de Gimnastica. Bucuresti Cupa Europei Gimnastica Feminina 1957.
1957 £750.00