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SERINGAPATAM.. Official documents, relative to the negotiations carried on by Tippoo Sultaun, with the French nation, and other foreign states, for purposes hostile to the British nation; to which is added, proceedings of a Jacobin club, formed at Seringapatam, by the French soldiers in the corps commanded by M. Dompart: with a translation. Printed by order of the Right Honorable the Governor General in Council, for all the Forces and Affairs of the English Nation, in the East Indies, &c. &c.1799

Calcutta: Printed at the Honorable Company's Press, Folio (335 x 240 mm), xx, [2], 195, [1]pp., English and French texts — part of the book being printed in parallel columns, text bright and clean, uncut and partly unopened, preserved in a cloth folder which is dampstained but doesn't effect the contents within. Tipu, having been driven into Seringapatam and made peace with the British in 1792, carried on secret correspondence with the French government. When Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, the possibility of a French expedition to reinforce Tipu at Mysore seemed inevitable. In anticipation of an attack, British forces invaded Mysore which culminated in the defeat and death of Tipu at Seringapatam. "Immediately after Tipu's death, the East India Company orchestrated a propaganda campaign to justify its invasion of Mysore. It added a new layer to its traditional image of Tipu as a fundamentalist despot, presenting him as a collaborator in a Jacobin plot to destabilise legitimate governments throughout the world. In both Kolkata and London, the Company published a series of documents that it claimed were the 'proceedings of a Jacobin Club' founded by Ripaud in the spring of 1797. The documents may well have been forgeries created by the East India Company, but even if they were authentic, their content would hardly prove the British case. The speeches purportedly made by Ripaud never mention Jacobinism in them: the word 'Jacobin' was inserted by the editors on the title page of the collection. The proceedings describe an assembly of a few-dozen French mercenaries swearing loyalty to Mysore and the French Republic: hardly a smoking gun that Napoleon's army in Egypt was about to come bearing down on South Asia, with radical anti-monarchical politics in tow."—Smith, Tipu, the Citizen-Sultan and the Myth of a Jacobin Club in India. Provenance: Descendants of Major Thomas Hart of the British East India Company who served at the fall of Seringapatam on May 4, 1799. Shaw, Printing in Calcutta to 1800, 359.

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