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[EATON (Daniel Isaac), 'Antitype']. The Pernicious Effects of the Art of Printing upon Society, Exposed. A Short Eassay. Addressed to the Friends of Social Order.1794

London: Printed for Daniel Isaac Eaton, First edition, 8vo (205 x 130 mm), 16pp., disbound. Eaton, a London publisher and bookseller, was indicted in 1793 for selling Paine's Rights of Man and, later the same year, Paine's Letter Addressed to the Addressers. He was acquitted in both cases. "In response he published a sarcastic volume, written in the voice of 'Antitype'... His fiery prose parodied the view of his oppressors that the invention of printing was the evil cause of the mounting challenge to the established hierarchical society. While he agreed with them on the fact of the matter, he disagreed about the assessment of it, mocking those who saw the invention of printing as part of a history of decline from a former state of greater virtue."—Jensen. Jensen, Revolution and the Antiquarian Book: Reshaping the Past, 1780-1815, p. 27; Bigmore & Wyman II, p. 196.

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