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. An Archive of extremely rare items which were privately printed at Lamport Hall, Northampton.

 Sir Charles Edmund Isham, 10th Baronet (16 December 1819 - 7 April 1903), has been referred to as the most 'eccentric' member of the Isham family of Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire. Isham was a lover of nature and took a keen interest in animals gardening—the latter inspired by the works of the landscape gardener and horticulturalist John Claudius Loudon—as well as an advocate of vegetarianism and organic, unprocessed foods. His work, The Food that we Live on shows an interest in the health consequences of food additives and processing. Isham was a spiritualist and a believer in fairies—he installed an early Alpine rockery at Lamport Hall and was famously the first person to import and install garden gnomes in this garden. Only one of the original 21 gnomes first imported from Germany survives, and is known as 'Lampy'. All the following works are extremely rare, the majority not listed by Copac and those that are are known by only one or two copies. A. EPHEMERA. Scrapbook album compiled by Sir Charles Isham, 4to, 90 pages of cuttings, photographs and watercolours showing various things which Isham found interesting, including photographs of, "The astonishing Tooth-drawer", 1876, who would operate on patients with umbrellas, images of starving families pasted next to the heaviest man in the world, 2 watercolours of the "Residence of Margaret Dingwall Kilmur near Dunvegan Isle of Skye" and a photograph of a giant crane, labelled "most comical photo ever produced", green morocco gilt; and some other items of ephemera such as original sketches and samples of hand-coloured lithography, also several lithographed letters. B. GNOMES. Notes on gnomes and remarks on rock gardens. [Lamport, Northamptonshire?: Printed privately by the author], 1864. 23.5 x 14.5cm, 6 lithographed leaves, some with border designs hand-coloured by the author, hand-coloured lithographed title-page with a 5.5 x 4cm photograph of gnomes to top left corner and a 14.5 x1 0cm photograph pasted to title-page verso showing the gnome-filled rockery at Lamport, some foxing; [Idem] Remarks on rock gardens. Notes on gnomes. Northampton: Mark & Bailey, [n.d.] 23.5 x 14.5cm, 5 lithographed leaves, border designs uncoloured, some colouring to lithographed upper cover, covers detached. C. SKYE. The tyrant of the Cuchullin hills. [Printed privately by the author: Lamport, Northamptonshire?, c.1860-90] 28x30cm, 14 leaves of lithographed text and ornamented borders, hand-coloured by Isham himself, thick brown paper wrappers with lithographed title to upper cover, upper cover inscribed, "Carrie Martin, this poem was composed printed & painted by her great grandfather Sir Charles Isham, from Carcoo[?] - Xmas 1929"; Another copy, with a slightly different cover and lacking Isham's device to final leaf, inscribed on upper cover: "Daisy MacLeod, from C.E. Isham", some of the page designs and colouring in this copy differ from the first; Another copy inscribed to "Emily MacLeod from her father", again with a third set of design variations and without device; Another copy inscribed to, "Pauline MacLeod from C. E. Isham", with a variant introduction pasted to upper cover verso and a fourth set of design variations, without device; with a fifth copy. Note: Isham's tale of a golden eagle terrorising the Isle of Skye's sheep population. Isham was inspired by a trip to Dunvegan Castle. D. VEGETARIANISM AND HEALTHY EATING. The food that we live on. [Northampton: Mark & Bailey: Printed privately by the author, n.d.] 21.5 x 17cm, 32 lithographed pages many with illustrations and border designs hand-coloured by the author, green wrappers with upper cover lithographed and hand-coloured, with the pamphlet Twenty-four reasons for a vegetarian diet bound in; Another copy, 20.5 x 16.5cm, in boards with variant illustrations and an original illustration of a pig in a top hat loosely inserted; Another copy, second edition, to be sold on behalf of Northampton Orphanage, unusually bound in red morocco gilt; Another copy, 27.5 x 23.5cm, 20 lithographed pages, some hand-colouring by the author; 2 other larger copies. Note: Through the medium of rhyme, Isham warns the reader about the dangers of eating unhealthy and finally recommends a vegetarian diet. £7995

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