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[BANKTON (Andrew MacDowell, Lord)]
An Essay upon Feudal Holdings, Superiorities, and Hereditary Jurisdictions, in Scotland. Shewing, 1. The Nature of Feudal Holdings, ..... 11. The Errors and gross Misrepresentations, touching the same, .... 111. That these Holdings, Superiorities and Jurisdictions have not been any of the Causes of the Rebellions 1715, or 1745. 1V. That the infringing the same may be dangerous to our happy Constitution.
1747 £100.00
[COURTENAY (Thomas Peregrine)]
A Plain Answer to the Misrepresentations and Calumnies contained in the Cursory Remarks of a Near Observer. By a more accurate observer.
1803 £38.00
[COWLEY (John J.)]
The Candidates Guide or the Electors Rights decided shewing the Determination of the Rights of Elections, by the Honble. the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, in all Contraverted Elections for the Counties and Boroughs in South Britain, from the Year 1624 to 1730 .... To which is added, the like Determinations in Contraverted Elections for North Britain, since the Union. With several Resolutions and Standing Orders relating to Elections, ....... Together with the Heads of the Statutes now in Force concerning the same; ... The whole digested into Alphabetical Order, with proper References and genuine Quotations. By J. C. Gent.
1735 £95.00
[CROMPTON (Richard)]
L'authoritie et jurisdiction des courts de la Maiestie de la Roygne: Nouelment collect & compose, per R. Crompton de milieu Temple Esquire. Apprentice del Ley. Si sueris Iudex,
1594 £995.00
[EGERTON (Sir Thomas, Baron Ellesmere)]
The Speech of the Lord Chancellor of England, in the Eschequer Chamber, touching the Post=nati.
1609 £275.00
[ELLIS (Sir Henry)] Editor.
A Catalogue of Manuscripts, Formerly in the Possession of Francis Hargrave... now Deposited in the British Museum.
1818 £125.00
[FORRESTER (Alexander)]
Cases in equity during the time of the late Lord Chancellor Talbot: with tables, of the names of cases, and principal matters.
1741 £120.00
[FORRESTER (Alexander)]
Cases in equity during the time of the late Lord Chancellor Talbot: with tables, of the names of cases, and principal matters.
1741 £135.00
[FOSTER (Sir Michael)]
A Report of Some Proceedings on the Commission of Oyer and Terminer and Goal Delivery for the Trial of the Rebels in the Year 1746, in the County of Surry, and of Other Crown Cases, to Which Are Added, Discourses Upon a Few Branches of the Crown Law.
1763 £145.00
[FRANCIS (Sir Philip)]
A State of the British Authority in Bengal under the Government of Mr. Hastings. Exemplified in his Conduct in the Case of Mahomed Reza Khan. With a Debate upon a Letter from Mobareck Ul Dowlah, Nabob of Bengal. From authentic Documents.
1780 £110.00
[GREY (Charles), 2nd Earl Grey]
Letters addressed to Lord Grenville and Lord Howick, upon their removal from the Councils of the King, in consequence of their attempting the total repeal of the Test Laws now in Force with Respect to His Majesty's Army and Navy. By A Protestant.
1807 £45.00
[HARGRAVE (Francis)]
Brief Deductions relative to the aid and supply of the Executive Power, according to the Law of England, in Cases of Infancy, Delirium, or other Incapacity of the King.
1788 £175.00
[NICOLSON (William)]
Leges Marchiarum, or Border=Laws: containing Several Original Articles and Treaties, Made and Agreed upon by the Commissioners of the Respective Kings of England and Scotland, for the better Preservation of Peace and Commerce upon the Marches of Both Kingdoms: From the Reign of Henry 111. to the Union of the Two Crowns, in K. James 1. With a Preface, and an Appendix of Charters and Records, relating to the said Treaties. By William Lord Bishop of Carlile.
1705 £375.00
[PORTLAND (William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, Duke of)]
The Case of His Grace the Duke of Portland, respecting two leases, lately granted by the Lords of the treasury, to Sir James Lowther, bart. With observations on the motion for a remedial bill, for quieting the possession of the subject. And an appendix, consisting of authentic documents.
1768 £25.00
[PROVIS (Thomas, calling himself Richard Hugh Smyth)]
The Victim of Fatality, or the Claimant of Ashton Court; a romantic tale of the late nineteenth century, being the life and history of the plaintiff in the late trial of Smyth versus Smyth. Written by himself whilst a prisoner in the county gaol of Gloucester ; with a correct lithographed likeness and autograph.
1854 £35.00
[SAINT GERMAN (Christopher)]
The Dialogue in English, betweene a Doctor of Divinity, and a Student in the Lawes of England. [with the second Dialogue].
1604 £750.00
[SHARPE (Granville)]
Annual Parliaments, The Ancient and Most Salutary Right of the Commons of Great-Britain. Being an Extract from Sharp's "Declaration of the People's Natural Rights to a Share in the Legislature," printed in 1774, P. 157 to 170. Wherein is shewn, that the Statutes of 4 Edw. III. C. 14. and 36 Edw. III. C. 10. which ordain, "that a Parliament shall be holden every Year once, &c." must necessarily be under-stood to mean, -A new Election of Representatives, "every Year once, and more often if need be."
1780 £45.00
[STEELE (Sir Richard)]
A Letter to the Earl of O----d, concerning the Bill of Peerage. By Sir R-----d S-----le.
1719 £90.00
The Jesuits Loyalty, manifested in Three several Treatises lately written by them against the Oath of Allegeance: with a Preface, shewing the Pernicious Consequence of their Principles as to Civil Government. Also Three other Treatises concerning the Reasons of the Penal Laws. viz. 1. The Execution of Justice in England, not for Religion, but for Treason. [by William Cecil, Baron Burleigh]. 11. Important Considerations, by the Secular Priests. [by William Watson]. 111. The Jesuits Reasons Unreasonable.
1677 £195.00
[WILLIAMS (William Peere) & MELMOTH (William)] Editors.
Cases argued and adjudged in the High Court of Chancery. Published from the manuscripts of Thomas Vernon, ... By order of the High Court of Chancery. ...
1721 £125.00
A Letter to an English Member of Parliament, from a Gentleman in Scotland, concerning the Slavish Dependencies, which a great Part of that Nation is still kept under, by Superiorities, Wards, Reliefs, and other Remains of the Feudal Law, and by Clanships and Tithes.
1721 £110.00
[WITHERS (Philip)]
Alfred or a Narrative of the daring and illegal measures to suppress a pamphlet intituled Strictures on the Declaration of Horne Tooke, Esq. respecting "Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales," commonly called Mrs. Fitzherbert; proving, on Principles of Law and Common Sense that a certain illustrious Personage is NOT ELIGIBLE to the important TRUST.
1789 £45.00
[WOOD (Thomas)]
A New Institute of the Imperial or Civil Law. With Notes, shewing some of the Principal Cases, amongst other Observations, How the Canon Law, the Laws of England, and the Laws and Customs of other Nations differ from it. In Four Books. Composed for the Use of some Persons of Quality.
1704 £395.00
ADDINGTON (Sir William)
An Abridgment [sic] of Penal Statutes, which exhibits at one View, The Offence; the Punishment or Penalty annexed to that Offence; The Mode of Recovering and Application of the Penalty; The Number of Witnesses and Justices necessary to convict the Offender; With a Reference to the Chapter and Section of the enacting Statute. By William Addington, Esq. One of the Magistrates presiding at the Public Office in Bow Street.
1775 £695.00
The Trial of James Stewart in Aucharn in Duror of Appin, for the Murder of Colin Campbell of Glenure, Esq; Factor of His Majesty on the Forfeited estate of Ardshiel: before the Circuit Court of Justiciary held at Inveraray; .... by His Grace the Duke of Argyll [Archibald Campell, third Duke], Lord Justice General, and the Lords Elchies and Kilkerran, Commissioners of Justiciary.
1753 £595.00