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Report of the Committee of the Society of Arts, &c, Together with the Approved Communications and Evidence upon the same, Relative to the Mode of Preventing the Forgery of Bank Notes. Printed by Order of the Society.
1819 £695.00
COLDWELL (T[homas])
Coldwell's Tables, for Reducing Irish Money into British Currency; Arranged on a New Plan, And calculated according to the 2d, 5th and 13th Sections of the Act for Assimilating the Currency, To commence from the 5th January, 1826.
1826 £125.00
FABRICZY (Cornelius von)
Italian Medals. Translated by Mrs. Gustavus W. Hamilton.
1904 £30.00
FLEETWOOD (William, Bishop of Ely)
Chronicon Preciosum: or, an account of English gold and silver money; the price of corn and other commodities; and of Stipends, Salaries, Wages, Jointures, Portions, Day-Labour, &c. in England, for six hundred years last past: shewing From the Decrease of the Value of Money, and from the Increase of the Value of Corn and other Commodities, &c. that A Fellow, who has an Estate in Land of Inheritance, or a perpetual Pension of Five Pounds per Annum, may conscientiously keep his Fellowship, and ought not to be compelled to leave the same, tho' the Statutes of his College (founded between the Years 1440 and 1460) did then vacate his Fellowship on such Condition. By Bishop Fleetwood. To which is added, an historical account of coins, illustrated with several plates of Gold and Silver Coins.
1745 £100.00
As Good as Gold: 300 Years of British Bank Note Design.
1987 £35.00
Die Numismatische Bibliothek der Münzen und Medaillen ag Basel. Katalog zur 102. Auktion 23.-24. Juni 2005.
2005 £15.00
ROOKE (Hayman)
Description of an Ancient Medallion, in the possession of H. Rooke, Esq.
1800 £245.00
SOTHEBY (Samuel)
Catalogue of the Bibliographical and other Collections of Eminent Literary Men, Forming a Most Interesting and Curious Series of Sale and Privately Printed Catalogues of Literary Property, from the Commencement of the Last Century to the Present Time; Collected Together with the Greatest Difficulty: the Whole in the Choicest Condition. Which will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Sotheby and Son, on Wednesday, July 27th.
1831 £1650.00
WELLESLEY (Rev. Dr. [Henry])
Catalogue of the Valuable Cabinet of "Cinque-Cento" & Later Medals, chiefly in Brass, of the late Reverend Dr. Wellesley, Principal of New Inn Hall, Oxford... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Messers. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, on Thursday, the 31st May, 1866. [Bound with:] Catalogue of the Memorable Cabinet of Drawings by the Old Masters, and Collection of Engravings... Formed by Rev. Dr. Wellesley... Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge... 25th of June, 1866. [Bound with:] Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Important Manuscripts, Formed by the late Rev. Dr. Wellesley... Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge... 3rd of August, 1866. [Bound with:] Catalogue of the Very Extensive and Valuable Library of the Late Reverend Dr. Wellesley... Comprising an Extraordinarily Complete Collection of Italian Writers... Numerous Works Relating to Oxford... Which Will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, on Thursday, 8th November, 1866.
1866 £325.00
WESTON (Rev. Stephen)
A Catalogue of Greek and Roman Coins and Medals, in Silver and Copper, together with some curious Old China, and other Curiousities, of the late Rev. Stephen Weston... Which will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Sotheby and Son... on Tuesday, the 15th of June, 1830.
1830 £75.00
WISE (Edward)
The Remarkable Tryal of Thomas Chandler, late of Clifford's Inn, London, Gent. Who was tried and convicted at the Lent Assizes at Reading, 1750, before Mr. Baron Clive, for wilful and corrupt Perjury, in swearing he was robbed of fifteen Bank Notes of the Value of 960l. 5 Guineas in Gold, 20s. and upwards in Silver, and a Silver Watch, on the 24th of March 1747, between Hare-Hatch and Twyford in Berkshire, in the Road to Reading, by Three Men on Foot. To which is added, ....An Introductory Account of the Life of the said Mr. Chandler, from the Time of his going Clerk to an Attorney, to the Time of his Conviction, ......
1751 £325.00