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Author Title Year Price
[POLLEN (John) Editor]
Universal Catalogue of Books on Art. South Kensington Museum.
1870 £45.00
BRASSEY (Lady [Anne])
Tahiti: A Series of Photographs taken by Colonel Stuart-Wortley. With Letterpress by Lady Brassey.
1882 £625.00
BROWN (Cornelius)
An Appreciative Life of the Right Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield, A Statesman of 'Light and Leading.' With Portraits of his Contemporaries. Illustrated with Permanent Photographs.
1881 £75.00
BROWN (Cornelius)
Lives of Nottinghamshire Worthies and of Celebrated and Remarkable Men of the County: from the Norman Conquest to A.D. 1882.
1882 £95.00
HYDE (John T.)
Principles of Gunnery.
1862 £345.00
LUCK (Edward John)
A Record of the Families of Luck and Lock from the 16th Century to the Present Day.
1894 £165.00
A collection of 120 Sotheby's Belgravia auction catalogues 1972-82, mostly related to Photography.
1972 £165.00
Masterpieces of Victorian Photography 1840-1900 from the Gernsheim Collection.
1951 £19.00
Old Science & Medicine, Early Photography. Catalogue 68.
1941 £19.00
Devonshire Celebrities.
1869 £35.00
REID (John Eaton)
History of the County of Bute, and Families Connected Therewith.
1864 £345.00
SOTHEBY (Samuel Leigh)
Paper-Marks in the Early Block-Books of the Netherlands and Germany... the Types and Marks in Productions of the Press of Caxton... Forming the First Portion of the Third Volume of the Principia Typographica. [Together with:] Specimen of Mr. S. Leigh Sotheby's Principia Typographica...
1858 £1695.00
STEPHENS (Frederic G.)
Flemish Relics; Architectural, Legendary, and Pictorial, as connected with Public Buildings in Belgium. Illustrated with Photographs by Cundall and Fleming.
1866 £60.00
History of the Old Trent Bridge, with a Descriptive Account of New Bridge, Nottingham. Illustrated with Photographs.
1871 £40.00