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[MACPHERSON (Alexander)]
Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, Etc. Forming the Geographical and Topographical Collection attached to The Library of His late Majesty King George the Third, and Presented by His Majesty King George the Fourth to The British Museum.
1829 £475.00
[MAGNAN (Dominique)]
Calcografia della Colonna Antonina Divisa in 150 Tavole... Parte I [-III].
1779 £750.00
BRIDGENS (Richard)
Furniture with Candelabra and Interior Decoration Designed by R. Bridgens.
1838 £1695.00
Catalogue Raisonné of the Pictures belonging to the most Honourable the Marquis of Stafford, in the Gallery of Cleveland House. Comprising a List of the Pictures, with illustrative Anecdotes, and Descriptive Account of the Execution, Composition, and Characteristic Merits of the principal Paintings.
1808 £125.00
The Discourses of Sir Joshua Reynolds; Illustrated by Explanatory Notes & Plates...
1842 £38.00
CHARRINGTON (John) Compiler.
A Catalogue of the Engraved Portraits in the Library of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S. Now Belonging to Magdalene College.
1936 £75.00
Disquisitions upon the Painted Greek Vases, and their Probable Connextion with the Shows of the Eleusinian and other Mysteries.
1825 £345.00
COTMAN (John Sell)
Liber Studiorum; A Series of Sketches and Studies, by John Sell Cotman.
1838 £450.00
Anecdotes of Eminent Painters in Spain, during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries; with Cursory Remarks upon the Present State of Arts in that Kingdom.
1782 £160.00
DELAUNEY (Honoré Francis)
Origine de la Tapisserie de Bayeux, prouvée par elle-meme.
1824 £30.00
L'Art de Laver oder: Die Kunst zu Tuschen, das ist: die allerneueste Manier Vestungen und andere Risse mit gehorigen Farben zu mahlen und zu tuschen... ; nunmehr ins Teutsche ubers. / von H. Gautier de Nismes. Monath, Nurnberg. 1745. [xiv],96pp., 2 engraved plates (one large folding). [Bound with:] BOSSE (Abraham) Gründliche Anweisung zur Radier- und Etz-Kunst: Nemlich: wie man mit Scheid-Wasser in Kupfer und andere Metalle etzen, das Wasser, wie auch den harten und weichen Etzgrund bereiten solle; Ferner, Wie die Kupffer-Platten abzudrucken; die Drucker-Presse zu machen, und was man sonsten dabey in acht zu nehmen hat; Diesem ist als Anhang beygefügt: H. Gautier de Rismes Kunst zu Tuschen, Beede mit hierzu dienlichen Kupffern versehen.
1746 £595.00
GRANGER (Frank Stephen)
Notes on the Psychological Basis of Fine Art.
1887 £35.00
Wunderkammer to Museum.
2006 £38.00
Hungray. Ibusz Hungarian Tourist Information Office, Budapest.
1951 £275.00
Hungarotex [Textile Trade Company, Budapest].
1951 £245.00
JACKSON (Charles James)
An Illustrated History of English Plate Ecclesiastical and Secular in Which the Development of Form and Decoration in the Silver and Gold Work of the British Isles from the Earliest Known Examples to the Latest of the Georgian Period.
1911 £110.00
JESSE (Edward)
A Summer's Day at Windsor, and a Visit to Eton.
1841 £25.00
Miss Linwood's Gallery of Pictures, in Worsted, Leicester Square.
1815 £225.00
Outlines in Lithography, from a Small Collection of Pictures.
1840 £495.00
MILLER (A. E. Haswell) & DAWNAY (N. P.)
Military Drawings and Paintings in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen.
1966 £45.00
New Hints, by an Old Professor, on the Art of Miniature Painting. Respectfully Dedicated to Ladies who are Patronesses or Practitioners of that Elegant Pursuit.
1837 £195.00
MORRIS (William)
Monopoly, or how Labour is Robbed. The "Freedom" Library.
1890 £10.00
Catalogue of the Principal Paintings, Drawings, Books, Bronzes, &c., at Mytton Hall, The Residence of John Hick, Esq. Illustrations reproduced from Negatives made by Thos. Parkinson, of Bolton.
1893 £295.00
Modern War Paintings by C. R. W. Nevinson. With an Essay by P. G. Konody.
1917 £1000.00
Catalogue of the Late Lord Northwick's Extensive and Magnificent Collection of Ancient and Modern Pictures, Cabinet of Miniatures and Enamels, and other Choice Works of Art, and the Furniture, Plate, Wines, and Effects, at Thirlestane House, Cheltenham. Which will be Sold by Auction by Mr. Phillips at the Mansion, on Tuesday, the 26th of July, 1859, and Twenty-One Subsequent Days...
1859 £245.00