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MIDDLETON (Rev. Erasmus)
The New Dictionary of Arts and Sciences; or, an universal system of useful knowledge. Containing A full Explanation of every Art and Science, whether liberal or mechanical, in which the Difficulties attending a thorough Knowledge of them are clearly pointed out, and such Directions given as cannot fail of making their Acquisition easy and familiar to every Capacity Exhibiting, among the various other Branches of Literature, a copious Elucidation of the following, viz. Agriculture, Algebra, Anatomy, Architecture, Arithmetick, Astronomy, Book-Keeping, Botany, Carving, Catoptricks, Chemistry, Chronology, Commerce, Conicks, Cosmography, Dialing, Dioptricks, Ethicks, Farriery, Fluxions, Fortification, Gardening, Guaging, Geography, Geometry, Grammar, Gunnery, Handicrafts, Heraldry, History, Horsemanship, Husbandry, Hydraulicks, Hydrography, Hydrostaticks, Law, Levelling, Logick, Maritime and Military Affairs, Mathematicks, Mechanicks, Medicine, Merchandize, Metaphysicks, Meteorology, Musick, Navigation, Opticks, Oratory, Painting, Perspective, Pharmacy, Philology, Philosophy, Physick, Pneumaticks, Rhetorick, Sculpture, Series and Staticks, Statuary, Surgery, Surveying, Theology, Trigonometry, &c. The Whole upon an improved Plan, the Marrow and Quintessence of every other Dictionary and Work of the Kind being preserved, and their Superfluities and Obscurities entirely omitted.
1778 £345.00
Catalogue of the Principal Paintings, Drawings, Books, Bronzes, &c., at Mytton Hall, The Residence of John Hick, Esq. Illustrations reproduced from Negatives made by Thos. Parkinson, of Bolton.
1893 £295.00
PAIN (William)
The Practical Builder; or workman's general assistant; shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building; as the use of the tramel for groins, angle brackets, niches, &c. semi-circular arches on flewing jambs, the preparing and making their soffits; rules of carpentry, to find the length and backing of hips strait or curved; trusses for roofs, domes, &c. Trussing of girders, sections of floors, &c. The proportion of the five orders in their general and particular parts: gluing of columns; stair-cases with their ramp and twist rails, fixing the carriages, newels, &c. Frontispieces, chimney-pieces, ceilings, cornices, architraves, &c. In the newest taste; with plans and elevations of gentleman's and farm-houses, barns, &c.
1787 £375.00
PARKER (John Henry)
The Medieval Architecture of Chester.
1858 £20.00
POOLE (George Ayliffe)
The Appropriate Character of Church Architecture.
1842 £45.00
PUGIN (Augustus)
Pugin's Gothic Furniture.
1827 £65.00
PUGIN (Augustus)
Pugin's Gothic Furniture.
1827 £45.00
RAWLINS (Thomas)
Familiar Architecture: Consisting of Original Designs of Houses for Gentlemen and Tradesmen, Parsonages and Summer-Retreats; With Back-Fronts, Sections, Etc., Together with Banqueting-Rooms, Churches, and Chimney-Pieces, To which is Added, The Masonry of the Semicircular and Elliptical Arches, with Practical Remarks.
1768 £1445.00
New Designs in Architecture, Consisting of Plans, Elevations, and Sections for various Buildings, Comprising in XLIV Folio Plates, Designed and Engraved by George Richardson, Architect. / Nouveaux desseins d'architecture, ou, plans, elevations, et coupes de divers bâtimens; Compris in Xliv Planches in Folio, dessinées et gravées par George Richardson architecte.
1792 £3000.00
ROBINSON (John Martin)
A Guide to the Country Houses of the North West.
1991 £50.00
A Description of Maps and Architectural Drawings in the Collection made by William Cecil, First Baron Burghley now at Hatfield House.
1971 £495.00
Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey.
1823 £695.00
SACHTLEBEN (Johann Heinrich)
Die Holzersparungskunst bey zehn Verschiedenen Feuerarten nach eignen Erfahrungen und Bauvorrichtungen vorgetragen mit XIV. Kupfern.
1790 £295.00
SCOTT (Sir George Gilbert)
Personal and Professional Recollections. A Facsimile of the Original Edition with New Material and a Critical Introduction by Gavin Stamp.
1995 £45.00
A Selection from the Scott Library and other Books of Navigation and Marine Science. The Property of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects...
1974 £11.00
SHAW (James)
Plans, Elevations, and Sections; with Observations and Explanations, of Forcing-Houses, in Gardening. By James Shaw, Gardener to the Right Hon. Lord Mulgrave.
1794 £5500.00
SMITH (G. Le Blanc)
Haddon. The Manor, the Hall, its Lords and Traditions. With illustrations by the Author.
1906 £40.00
ST. JOHN HOPE (Sir William H.)
Cowdray and Easebourne Priory in the County of Sussex.
1919 £120.00
STEPHENS (Frederic G.)
Flemish Relics; Architectural, Legendary, and Pictorial, as connected with Public Buildings in Belgium. Illustrated with Photographs by Cundall and Fleming.
1866 £60.00
Architecture in Britain 1530 to 1830.
1953 £19.00
SYKES (Sir Mark Masterman)
Hand-written letter and plan signed M. Masterman, Sledmore House, Yorkshire: June 10th, 1802.
1802 £195.00
THOMAS (William)
Original Designs in Architecture, By William Thomas, M.S.A. Architect and Surveyor: Consisting of Twenty-seven Copper-Plates, in Folio; Which contain Plans, Elevations, Sections, Ceilings, and Chimney Pieces, for Villas and Town Houses; Designs for Temples, Grottos, Sepulchres, Bridges, &c. in the most approved Taste. To which are Prefixed, a Suitable Introduction, and a Description, explaining the Several Designs.
1783 £4200.00
THOUIN (Gabriel)
Plans Raisonnés de Toutes les Espèces de Jardins.
1823 £1275.00
WALBERG (Theobald Von)
Neueste Beobachtungen zur Veredlung des Feldbaues und der Forstwissenschaft.
1810 £195.00
WALLIS (R. V. and P. J.)
Biobibliography of British Mathematics and its Applications 1701-1760.
1986 £95.00

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