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[KILNER (Joseph) and GROSE (Francis)]
The Account of Pythagoras's School in Cambridge; as in Mr. Grose's Antiquities of England and Wales, and other Notices.
1783 £225.00
[PIERSON (Christoffel)]
Explanation, of the famous and renowned glas-work. Or painted windows, in the fine and eminent Church at Gouda. For the use and commodity of both Inhabitants, and Foreigners that come to see this artificial Work.
1718 £745.00
[POLLEN (John) Editor]
Universal Catalogue of Books on Art. South Kensington Museum.
1870 £45.00
A. H.
A Few slight Sketches of History, &c.: intended as Hints to Future Study.
1826 £495.00
Catalogue d'une très Importante Collection de Livres d'Architecture Recueils d'Ornements propres à la décoration des Édifices et aux Arts industriels par les maîtres Ornemanistes Français et Étrangers des XVIe, XVII et XVIIIe siècles. Livres Illustrés du Xve au XVIIIe Siècle comprenant notamment une remarquable série de livres a figures sur bois Italiens.
1914 £40.00
Katalog der Ornamentstich-sammlung der Staatlichen Kunstbibliothek Berlin.
1986 £45.00
Katalog der Architektur-und Ornamentstichsammlung. Teil 1: Baukunst England. Bearbeitet von Marianne Fischer.
1977 £16.00
Katalog der Architektur-und Ornamentstichsammlung. Teil 1: Baukunst England. Bearbeitet von Marianne Fischer.
1977 £16.00
Catalogue of the Avery Architectural Library. A Memorial Library of Architecture, Archaeology, and Decorative Art.
1895 £145.00
BELCHER (Margaret)
A. W. N. Pugin: An Annotated Critical Bibliography.
1987 £20.00
Description of Browsholme Hall, in the West Riding of the County of York; and of the Parish of Waddington, in the same County: Also, a Collection of Letters, from Original Manuscripts, in the Reigns of Charles I. and II. and James II. in the Possession of Thos. Lister Parker, of Browsholme Hall, Esq.
1815 £895.00
CARACCIOLO (Marella) & VENTURI (Francesco)
Houses & Palaces of Majorca.
1996 £15.00
Architectural and Historical Notes on Haddon Hall: For the use of Visitors. Illustrated by Josephine Norris and the author and with a plan.
1899 £28.00
CLARK ([John Heaviside])
Myriorama, a Collection of Many Thousand Landscapes, Designed by Mr. Clark.
1824 £1500.00
CRAWLEY (George)
Catalogue of a Valuable Library... Comprising a Large Collection of Illustrated Works of Architecture, Ornament and Design...
1927 £9.00
Convenient and Ornamental Architecture, Consisting of original designs, for plans, elevations, and sections: beginning with the farm house, and regularly ascending to the most grand and magnificent villa, calculated for both town and country, and to suit all persons in every situation of life. Engraved on 70 copper-plates, with reference and explanation of the use of every room, and the dimensions accurately figured on the plans, with exact scales for measurements.
1805 £225.00
A Series of Selected Designs for Country Residences, Entrance Lodges, Farm Offices, Cottages, &c., Which have been Erected for H.R.H. the late Prince Consort, the Earl of Leicester, Lord Harris, Hon. G.W. Fitzwilliam, &c... With remarks upon Site, Soil, Ornamental Planting, Water, Drainage, Sewerage Construction, &c.
1867 £325.00
Neueste Raummalereien vom Atelier Stenzel. Inhaber Paul Knothe.
1928 £275.00
ELMES (James)
A Practical Treatise on Ecclesiastical and Civil Dilapidations, Re-Instatements, Waste, &c. With an Appendix containing cases decided, precedents of notices to repair, examples of valuations, surveys, estimates, &c.
1829 £48.00
ELMES (James)
Sir Christopher Wren and his Times. With Illustrative Sketches and Anecdotes of the most Distinguished Personage in the Seventeenth Century.
1852 £35.00
GENNETE (Claude Leopold)
Nouvelle Construction des Cheminées, qui garantit du feu, & de la fumée, á l' épreuve des vents, du soleil, de la pluie, & des autres causes, qui font fumer les cheminées ordinaires.
1760 £245.00
GIBBS (James)
Rules for Drawing the several Parts of Architecture, in a more exact and easy manner than has been heretofore practised, by which all fractions, in dividing the principal members and their parts, are avoided.
1732 £1795.00
HAGELIN (Ove) Compiler.
The Art of Writing and Drawing. A Selection of One Hundred Books from the Ekstrom Collection in the National Library for Psychology and Education, Stockholm. A Descriptive and Annotated Catalogue of 16th Through 18th Century Rare and Important Books on Calligraphy, Perspective, Architecture, Drawing, Anatomy, Colours and Related Arts.
1987 £19.00
KELLY (Thomas)
Kelly's Practical Builder's Price Book, or Safe Guide to the valuation of all kinds of Artificer's work : with the Modern Practice of Measuring, and a copious abstract of the New Building Act, for regulating the construction of buildings. Revised and corrected by new calculations upon the present value of Materials and Labour. and founded upon the most approved Modes of Measurement. The whole arranged by An Architect of Eminence, assisted by several experienced measuring surveyors. Illustrated and exemplified by Steel engravings and numerous wood-cuts.
1851 £125.00
The Country Gentleman's Architect; containing a variety of designs for farm houses and farm yards of different magnitudes, arranged on the most approved principles for arable, grazing, feeding, and dairy farms; with plans and sections shewing at large the construction of cottages, barns, stables, feeding-houses, dairies, brew-houses, maltings, &c. With plans for stables and dog-kennels; to which are added, designs for labourers' cottages and small villas, the whole adapted to the use of country gentlemen about to build or to alter. By R. Lugar, ... Engraved on twenty-two plates, with general observations and full explanations to each.
1807 £425.00