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An Archive of extremely rare items which were privately printed at Lamport Hall, Northampton.
[ALLNUTT (William Henry)]
Notes on Printers and Printing in the Provincial Towns of England and Wales. A Paper Read at the First Annual Meeting of the Library Association 1878.
1878 £35.00
[CLARKE (William)]
Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, Some Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries.
1819 £1175.00
[COWIE (George)]
Cowie's Printer's Pocket-Book and Manual, Containing the Compositors' and Pressmen's Scale of Prices, Agreed upon in 1810 and Modified in 1816: all the Schemes of Impositions... the Hebrew, Greek, and Saxon Alphabets... a table for giving out Paper... a list of Master Printers, arranged on a new plan, and corrected to the present time.
1836 £325.00
[DONIOL (Henri)]
Les Vitrines de l'Imprimerie Nationale a l'Exposition Universelle de 1889.
1889 £45.00
La Typographie, Poëme.
1803 £77.00
ADAMS (Thomas F.)
Typographia: or, the Printer's Instructor; a Brief Sketch of the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the Typographic Art, with Practical Directions for Conducting Every Department in an Office, Hints to Authors, Publishers, &c.
1854 £95.00
ALMELOVEEN (Theodor Jansson de)
Celebrium Typographorum dissertatio epistolica, In qua De Stephanorum stirpe, indefessis laboribus, varia fortuna atque libris... Ejusdem Epistola de statu suae Typographiae ad Virum Clarissimun J. G. Graevium.
1683 £1250.00
ARMSTRONG (Elizabeth)
Robert Estienne, Royal Printer. An Historical Study of the Elder Stephanus.
1954 £50.00
A Guide to Typography, in Two Parts, Literary and Practical; or, the Reader's Handbook and the Compositor's Vade-Mecum.
1859 £195.00
BERNARD (Auguste)
Geofroy Tory, Painter and Engraver: First Royal Printer: Reformer of Orthography and Typography under François I. An Account of his Life and Works, by Auguste Bernard, Translated by George B. Ives.
1909 £50.00
BERRY (W. Turner) JOHNSON (A .F.) & JASPERT (W. P.)
The Encyclopaedia of Type Faces.
1958 £25.00
BIGMORE (F. C.) & WYMAN (C. W. H.)
A Bibliography of Printing. With Notes and Illustrations.
1978 £45.00
John Baskerville: The Printer 1706-1775, His Ancestry. A Retrospect.
1936 £21.00
John Baskerville: The Printer 1706-1775, His Ancestry. A Retrospect.
1936 £21.00
BLADES (William)
The Pentateuch of Printing, with a Chapter on Judges. With a Memoir of the Author, and List of his Works by Talbot B. Reed.
1891 £32.00
BLISS (Carey S.)
A Pair on Printing. Atkyns' 'The Original and Growth of Printing' & William Caslon and the First English Type Specimen Book. Reproduced in Facsimile with Introductions by Carey S. Bliss.
1982 £26.00
The Book: its Printers, Illustrators, and Binders, from Gutenberg to the Present Time.
1890 £25.00
BRESLAUER (Bernard H.)
Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
2005 £45.00
BRESLAUER (Bernard H.)
Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
2005 £40.00
Typographia Naturalis.
1967 £165.00
Civilite Types.
1966 £35.00
CARTER (John) Compiler.
A Handlist of the Writings of Stanley Morison. With some Notes by Mr Morison and Indexes by Graham Pollard.
1950 £12.00
CLAUDIN (A[natole])
Catalogue de la Collection Typographique ayant fait partie de la Bibliothèque de feu M. A. Claudin.
1914 £25.00
CORRIGAN (Andrew J.)
A Printer and his World.
1944 £8.00