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[COWIE (George)]
Cowie's Printer's Pocket-Book and Manual, Containing the Compositors' and Pressmen's Scale of Prices, Agreed upon in 1810 and Modified in 1816: all the Schemes of Impositions... the Hebrew, Greek, and Saxon Alphabets... a table for giving out Paper... a list of Master Printers, arranged on a new plan, and corrected to the present time.
1836 £325.00
[DONIOL (Henri)]
Les Vitrines de l'Imprimerie Nationale a l'Exposition Universelle de 1889.
1889 £45.00
BERÈS (Pierre)
Vente: Pierre Berès 80 ans de passion. 1-6 Vente.
2005 £225.00
BIGMORE (F. C.) & WYMAN (C. W. H.)
A Bibliography of Printing. With Notes and Illustrations.
1978 £45.00
BRESLAUER (Bernard H.)
Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
2005 £45.00
BRESLAUER (Bernard H.)
Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
2005 £40.00
Civilite Types.
1966 £35.00
FOURNIER (Pierre-Simon)
Manuel Typographique, utile aux gens de lettres, et à ceux qui exercent les diffèrentes parties de l'Art de l'Imprimerie.
1764 £3250.00
HART (Horace)
Notes on a Century of Typography at the University Press Oxford 1693-1794. A Photographic Reprint of the Edition of 1900 with an Introduction and Additional Notes by Harry Carter.
1970 £35.00
HOLME (Charles) Editor.
L'Art du Livre. Étude sur Qurlques-uns des Dernières Créations en Typographie, Ornamentation de Textes, et Reliure, Exécutées en Europe et en Amérique.
1914 £45.00
ISAAC (Frank)
English & Scottish Printing Types 1501-35 * 1508-41. Collected and Annotated by Frank Isaac.
1930 £15.00
ISAAC (Frank)
English & Scottish Printing Types 1501-35 * 1508-41. Collected and Annotated by Frank Isaac.
1930 £22.00
ISAAC (Peter)
William Davison's New Specimen of Cast-Metal Ornaments and Wood Types. Introduced with an Account of his Activites as Pharmacist and Printer in Alnwick, 1780-1858.
1990 £18.00
The History of Gorhambury.
1821 £1395.00
Manuel Pratique du Lithographe. Ouvrage qui a obtenu une médaille de la Société d'encouragement pour l'industrie nationale, au Concoures de 1830, augmente de notes sur les nouveaux procedes avec les lois & ordonnances qui regissent cette profession par M. Jules Desportes, Imprimeur Lithographe.
1834 £675.00
MacKELLAR (Thomas)
The American Printer: A Manual of Typography, Containing Practical Directions for Managing all Departments of a Printing Office, as well as Complete Instruction for Apprentices...
1885 £21.00
Omnium Gatherum, Consisting Chiefly of a Selection of Odds and Ends from an Old Portfolio; and Comprising the Useful, the Amusing, and the Curious.
1864 £895.00
A printed flyer for T. Kirby & Son, Walsall.
1880 £40.00
A printed flyer for W. Henry Robinson, Steam Printing Works, Walsall.
1880 £45.00
A Few Specimens of Letter-press & Lithographic Printing. Howe Brothers, Brandling Street, Gateshead-upon-Tyne.
1885 £395.00
Hints on the Unlimited Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, at no Expense to the Reader, through the Medium of the Mercantile and Trading Classes. Practically Illustrated by a History of Printing, Specimen of Types, and and Guide to Authors in Correcting the Press.
1834 £50.00
Specimen of the Printing Type, Etc. Manufactured at the Caxton Type and Stereotype Foundry, Bishop's Court, Old Bailey, London. Stephen Sutton & Co.
1875 £850.00
The Printer's Price-Book, Containing the Master Printer's Charges to the Trade for Printing Works of Various Descriptions, Sizes, Types and Pages; Also, a New, Easy, and Correct Method of Casting off Manuscript and other Copy, Exemplified in Specimen Pages of Different Sizes and Types...
1814 £695.00
TAUBEL (Christian Gottlob)
Allgemeines theoretisch-praktisches Wortebuch der Buchdruckerkunst und Schriftgiesserey, in welchem alle bey der Ausiibung derselben vorkommende und in die damit verwandten Kunste, Wissenschaften und Gewerbe einschlagende Kunstworter, nach alphabet. Ordnung deutlich und ausfuhrlich erklart werden.
1805 £795.00
Specimens of Types, Borders, and Ornaments, kept in stock by Frederick Ullmer, (late F. Ullmer and Son,) 15, Old Bailey, London.
1851 £695.00