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AIRD (Andrew)
[Printers and Printing in Glasgow 1830-1890] Reminiscences of Editors, Reporters, and Printers; During the Last Sixty Years.
1890 £25.00
A Fine Collection of Books Printed by Aldus Manutius and his Successors at Venice...
1995 £15.00
ALDIS (Harry G.)
A List of Books Printed in Scotland before 1700, Including those Printed Furth of the Realm for Scottish Booksellers. With brief notes on the printers and stationers.
1970 £18.00
Thomas Dekker c. 1572-1632. A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions (To the End of the 17th Century).
1972 £14.00
ALMELOVEEN (Theodor Jansson de)
Celebrium Typographorum dissertatio epistolica, In qua De Stephanorum stirpe, indefessis laboribus, varia fortuna atque libris... Ejusdem Epistola de statu suae Typographiae ad Virum Clarissimun J. G. Graevium.
1683 £1250.00
AMES (Joseph) & HERBERT (William)
Typographical Antiquities; or an Historical Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great Britain and Ireland: Containing Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of Books Printed by them, From the Year MCCCCLXXI to the Year MDC. Begun by the Late Joseph Ames... Considerably Augmented, both in the Memoirs and Number of Books, by William Herbert.
1785 £595.00
AMRAM (David Werner)
The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy. Being Chapters in the History of the Hebrew Printing Press.
1909 £15.00
Catalogue of the Bewick Collection (Pease Bequest).
1904 £20.00
ANDRESEN (Andreas)
Der Deutsche Peintre-Graveur. German Graphic Artists Cataloged from 1560 to 1800.
1977 £75.00
Spanish and Portuguese 16th Century Books in the Department of Printing and Graphic Arts. A Descriptive of an Exhibition and a Bibliographical Catalogue of the Collection.
1985 £12.00
ANSELMO (Antonio Joaquim)
Bibliografia das Obras Impressas em Portugal no S├ęculo XVI.
1926 £45.00
ARBER (Edward) Editor.
The English Scholar's Library of Old and Modern Works. No. 1-2.
1878 £23.00
ARBER (Edward) Editor.
The English Scholar's Library of Old and Modern Works. No. 1-4.
1878 £32.00
ARCHER (Rev. S.)
The Sunday Collectors & Epistles, Arranged in the Form of Question and Answer, for the use of Sunday Schools.
1827 £75.00
ARMSTRONG (Elizabeth)
Robert Estienne, Royal Printer. An Historical Study of the Elder Stephanus.
1954 £50.00
ASHTON (Charles)
Llyfryddiaeth Gymreig o 1801 I 1810.
1908 £15.00
Miscellaneous Pieces.
1851 £195.00
The Sacred Edict: With a Translation of the Colloquial Rendering. Prepared for the use of junior members of the China Island Mission.
1907 £45.00
BALLINGER (John) & JONES (James Ifano)
Catalogue of Printed Literature in the Welsh Department. Cardiff Free Libraries.
1898 £19.00
BARBER (Giles) Compiler.
French Letterpress Printing. A List of French Printing Manuals and other texts in French bearing on the Technique of Letterpress Printing, 1567-1900.
1969 £9.00
BARKER (Nicolas)
The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning 1478-1978: An Illustrated History.
1978 £18.00
BARKER (Nicolas)
The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning 1478-1978: An Illustrated History.
1978 £18.00
BASSETT (John) Editor.
The Printing World. A Journal Devoted to the Interest of Printing. Vol. II.-Jan. to Dec., 1892. [&] New Series Vol. 1. 1893 - Vol. 2. 1894.
1892 £65.00
A Guide to Typography, in Two Parts, Literary and Practical; or, the Reader's Handbook and the Compositor's Vade-Mecum.
1859 £195.00
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Bengali Language. Translated from the original Greek by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants.
1845 £95.00

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