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The News-Readers Pocket-Book: or, a Military Dictionary. Explaining The most difficult Terms made use of in Fortification, Gunnery, and the whole Compass of the Military Art. And a naval dictionary; explaining The Terms used in Navigation, Ship-Building, &c. To which is added, a Concise Political History of Europe. With the Genealogies and Families of the several Emperors, Kings, and Princes, now reigning; and some account of the Religions they profess.
1759 £295.00
Catalogue of the Library.
1968 £245.00
Catalogue of the Library.
1968 £225.00
PELLEW (Edward), 1st Viscount Exmouth
Letter on the importance of Steam Navigation to the British Navy. Addressed to Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth. To which is added, a description of an American Steam-Frigate. By an Officer of the Royal Navy.
1821 £165.00
Appropriation of Ordnance to the Defence of St. Helena.
1807 £475.00
SCHLEGEL (Johan Friderich Wilhelm)
Upon the Visitation of Neutral Vessels under Convoy: or, An impartial examination of a judgment pronounced by the English Court of Admiralty, the 11th June, 1799, in the case of the Swedish convoy : with some additions and corrections / by J. F. W. Schlegel ; translated from the Danish under the inspection of the author by Mr. de Juge, and thence into English.
1801 £95.00
A Selection from the Scott Library and other Books of Navigation and Marine Science. The Property of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects...
1974 £11.00
A Catalogue of the Damages for which the English demand Reparation from the United-Netherlands. As also a List of the Damages; Actions and Pretenses for which those of the United-Netheralnds demand Reparation and Satisfaction from the English. Together with the Answer of the English, subjoyn'd to the Several and Respective Points of Their Demands.
1664 £475.00
The Self Instructor, or, Young Man's Best Companion; being an Introduction to all the various branches of useful Learning and Knowledge. Containing Writing, Grammar, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geography, Chronology, and Miscellaneous Articles. To which is added, The Artist's Assistant; comprising the Arts of Drawing, Perspective, Etching, Engraving, Mezzotinto, Scraping, Painting, Drying, Colouring of Maps, etc. A brief account of Naval and Military Affairs. Also, various useful Medicinal Receipts.
1815 £80.00
The Ship Builders' Manual: A Brief Treatise on the Modern Practice of Ship-Building, and Matters Connected Therewith; some Account of the later Improvements Introduced by Sir R. Seppings, and others, and of the Application of Steam to the purpose of Navigation; the Method of Launching... Lists of Arsenals and Dock Yards; The Shipwrights' Company, &c.
1829 £300.00
STEEL (David)
Analysis of the Authorities upon which the Dangers have been Inserted in Steel's New Chart of the Atlantic, or Western Ocean. To which is added, a Copious and Accurate Table of the Variations of the Magnetic Needle, as Observed in Different Parts of that Sea; with the Dates of the Respective Observations.
1804 £345.00
Voyages and Travels. Being a Selection of One Thousand Books Relating to all Parts of the World. Catalogue No. 562.
1931 £15.00
WATSON (Ralph)
A Brief Explanatory Statement of the Principle and Application of a Plan for Preventing Ships Foundering at Sea, and thereby Rendering every Ship a Life Ship.
1829 £145.00
WATSON (Ralph)
A brief explanatory statement of the principle of A Plan for Preventing Ships Foundering at Sea, and thereby rendering every ship A Life Ship, by Ralph Watson.
1829 £245.00
WEST (Charles Richard Sackville, sixth Earl Delawarr)
In Memoriam. [of Major General Charles Richard Sackville West, sixth Earl Delawarr].
1878 £165.00
YOUNG (George)
Two Discourses to Seamen: viz. I. Praising God the Duty and Privilege of Seamen: delivered at Whitby, March 10, 1816; a few days before the sailing of the ships for Greenland, and other foreign parts. And II. Christ the Seamen's Friend... after the melancholy news of the death of Mr. John Trueman, Master of the Harmony of Whitby... lost near Tralee on the west coast of Ireland, Jan. 17, 1819.
1819 £345.00