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NICHOLAS (Mjor Williams)
The Royal Military Chronicle; or British Officer's Monthly Register and Mentor, for February, 1813. [Memoir of Major William Nicholas, of the Royal Engineers.]
1813 £38.00
PEMBROKE (Henry Herbert, Earl of)
A Method of Breaking Horses, and Teaching Soldiers to Ride, Designed for the Use of the Army.
1762 £425.00
PHILLIPS (W. Alison)
The War of Greek Independence 1821 to 1833.
1897 £95.00
A System of Military Discipline for His Majesty's Army. London: Printed for J. Millan, 1777. First edition, 12mo, [6], ii, [1], 8-116, [16pp., forms for returns, last two folding], 6 engraved plates (5 folding), A4 with small hole and closed tear, one plate slightly frayed at fore-edge, prelims lightly browned. [Bound with:] FORTUNE (T.) The Artillerist's Companion, Containing the Discipline, Returns, Reports, Pay, Provision, &c. of that Corps, in Field, in Forts, at Sea, &c.
1778 £625.00
PITT (William M.)
Thoughts on the Defence of this Kingdom, &c. Part III.
1803 £45.00
PORZIO (Luca Antonio)
The Soldier's Vade Mecum: or, the Method of Curing the Diseases and Preserving the Health of Soldiers, I. In Camps. II. In Garrisons. III. During Marches. IV. In all the different Countries of Europe. Translated from the Latin of L. A. Portius. Illustrated with Cuts. To which is added, a treatise on the same subject, translated from Frederic Hoffman, Professor of Physic at Hall in Saxony. Also An Essay on the Diseases of Sailors.
1747 £675.00
RAIKES (Captain G. A.)
The History of the Honourable Artillery Company.
1878 £50.00
Regulations and Instructions for Carrying on the Recruiting Service of His Majesty's Forces.
1796 £295.00
REIDE (Thomas)
A Treatise on the Duty of Infantry Officers and the Present System of Military Discipline. With an Appendix.
1795 £165.00
Appropriation of Ordnance to the Defence of St. Helena.
1807 £475.00
SAXE (Maurice, Comte de)
Reveries, or Memoirs upon the Art of War by Field-Marshall Count Saxe. Illustrated with Copper-plates. To which are added some original Letters, upon various Military Subjects, wrote by the Count to the Late King of Poland, and M. De Folard, which were never before made Publick. Together with his Reflections upon the Propagation of the Human Species, Translated from the French. [by Sir William Fawcett].
1757 £750.00
The Self Instructor, or, Young Man's Best Companion; being an Introduction to all the various branches of useful Learning and Knowledge. Containing Writing, Grammar, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geography, Chronology, and Miscellaneous Articles. To which is added, The Artist's Assistant; comprising the Arts of Drawing, Perspective, Etching, Engraving, Mezzotinto, Scraping, Painting, Drying, Colouring of Maps, etc. A brief account of Naval and Military Affairs. Also, various useful Medicinal Receipts.
1815 £80.00
SPARLING (Richard A.)
History of the 12th Service Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment. [with an appendix].
1920 £45.00
The Necessity of a Plot: Or, Reasons for a Standing Army. By a Friend to K. G. [King George].
1720 £75.00
The Seaman's Opinion of a Standing Army in England, In Opposition to a Fleet at Sea, As the best Security of the Kingdom. In a Letter to a Merchant, Written by a Sailor.
1699 £225.00
National Oeconomy recommended, as the only Means of retrieving our Trade and securing Liberties; occasioned by the Perusal of the late Report of a Committee of the House of Commons relating to the Army, by which, many gross and important Abuses appear to have been committed in that Article of the Publick Expence, for many Years past, as proved by Abstracts of the said Report. In a Letter to a Member of the said Committee.
1746 £75.00
WHITE (Arthur S.)
A Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army.
1965 £12.00
WHITE (Arthur S.)
A Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army.
1965 £15.00
Wiltshire Lieutenancy. Plan for Establishing a System of Communication Throughout the County of Wilts. Adopted by a General Meeting of the Lieutenancy of the said County, held at the Town-Hall in Devizes, on Thursday the 14th of July, 1803.
1803 £175.00