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CROMWELL (Oliver).
The Life of Oliver Cromwell. Containing his Military Exploits in England during the Grand Rebellion; his Reduction of Scotland, and Conquest of Ireland: His Civil Government, Policy, Treaties with, and Respect paid by him, by Foreign Princes and States. With an Account of the Great Actions performed by his brave Generals and Admirals in the War with the Dutch and the Spaniards.
1760 £75.00
DALBIAC (Col. P. H.)
History of the 45th: 1st Nottinghamshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters).
1902 £85.00
√Čtude sur les Anciennes Compagnies d'Archers, d'Arbal√©triers et d'Arquebusiers.
1879 £745.00
List of Subscribers to the Testimonial Presented by the Quartermaster, N.C. officers, Members & ex-Members of the H. Troop of R. 1st D. Y. C. to Cap. J. Garratt, Esq. on his retirement from the Troop, 1874, after a lengthened service of Forty Years.
1874 £95.00
A True Dialogue between Thomas Jones [a pseudonym], a Trooper, lately return'd from Germany; and John Smith, a Serjeant in the First Regiment of Foot Guards. To which is subjoin'd, a Second Letter, taken from The Constitutional Journal, concerning Mercenaries.
1743 £85.00
The Exercise of the Foot; with the Evolutions, According to the Words of Command, as they are Explained. As also the Forming of Battalions, with Directions to be Observed by all Colonels, Captains, and other Officers in their Majesties Armies. By Their Majesties command.
1690 £475.00
A Kiswahili Instruction Book for the East African Command.
1942 £25.00
ELLIOT (Major G. H.)
Cavalry Literature: A Bibliographical Redord of Works on the History, Organization, Tactics, and Administration of Cavalry.
1893 £250.00
The Fatal Consequences to be feared (if not speedily prevented) by our assisting the Queen of Hungary, and the King of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean, and on the Coasts of Italy, and from the Treaty we entered into with Them at Worms in September 1743. And likewise the Danger of keeping our Lord Mercenary Hanoverian Troops in the Pay, when they are not in the Service of Great Britain. As also the imminent Danger of employing our Naval Force in the Service of Foreigners, and exposing our own Trade to the Depredation of Spain, leaving our own Coast naked and open to the Insults (if not to the Invasion) of France.
1744 £90.00
GAGE (Captain M. F.) Editor.
Records of the Dorset Imperial Yeomanry. 1894-1905.
1906 £75.00
GAM (David)
Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Honourable William Pitt, or an Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences of his Conduct in Respect to different Departments, Bodies, and Public Individuals of the State. In a Letter to the Right. Hon. the Earl of Suffolk, in Consequence of his Lordship's Motion in Parliament, and Conferences with His Majesty, for the Removal of Ministers.
1797 £60.00
GERRING (Charles)
A Record of the Early Volunteer Movement, and of the Notts. Volunteer Regiment (The Sherwood Foresters) 1914-1919.
1920 £50.00
HANGER (Lieut. Col. George)
Military Reflections on the Attack and Defence of the City of London; Proved by the Author to have been the most vulnerable Part of Consequence in the whole Island, in the Situation it was left in the Year 1794. To which is added, Reflections on the Loss of Plymouth or Harwich, and on the greater Safety of Portsmouth... Most respectfully addressed to the Right Hon. Thomas Skinner, Lord Mayor of London.
1795 £325.00
HEAD (Sir Francis B.)
The Royal Engineer.
1869 £95.00
HINDE (Captain [Robert])
The Discipline of the Light-Horse. By Captain Hinde, of the Royal Regiment of Foresters, (Light-Dragoons.) Illustrated with Copper Plates.
1778 £695.00
HOLLIDAY (Francis)
An easy Introduction to Practical Gunnery, or, the Art of Engineering. Containing, I. Decimal Arithmetic, Extraction of Roots. II. Mensuration of Planes and Solids, and the Computation of the Strength of Timber Joists, &c. III. The Computation of Balls and Shells. IV. The necessary Theorems in Geometry, demonstrated in a very plain and easy Way. V. The Nature and Use of Logarithms. VI. Plane Trigonometry in all its Cases; with the Method of taking Heights and Distances, and a one Station. VII. Gunnery, where the Cases are solved by Addition and Subtraction only, with numeral Examples, the Rules in Words at length, for those who are unacquainted with the Elements of the higher Geometry. VIII. The Theory of Projectiles. IX. Tables of Experiments of Cannons and Mortars, with some Observations. X. The Solution of a difficult Problem to find the Velocity of a Bullet, shot from any Piece of Artillery. XI. The necessary Tables of Gunnery. Illustrated with Copper Plates. By F. Holliday, Master of the Free Grammar School at Haughton Park, near Retford, Nottinghamshire.
1756 £425.00
HOSEASON (Captain John Cochrane)
Remarks of the Channel Passage, and on the Paramount Importance of Dover for Offensive and Defensive Warfare.
1873 £50.00
HYDE (John T.)
Principles of Gunnery.
1862 £345.00
KENNEDY (John Clark)
The Theory of Musketry, adapted for the use of the Troops.
1855 £65.00
KEYES (Lord)
Amphibious Warfare and Combined Operations.
1934 £45.00
KNOWLES (Sir Charles)
The Conduct of Admiral Knowles on the Late Expedition set in a True Light.
1758 £225.00
At a General Court Martial, held at Dover Castle, on the 16th March 1812... Ensign John Haugh, of the 3rd Royal Lancashire Militia, was arraigned upon the undermentioned Charges... [General order number 238].
1812 £75.00
LAVALETTE (Antoine Marie Chamant, Comte)
The Trial, at full length of Major-General Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, Michael Bruce, Esq. and Captain John Hely Hutchinson, before M. Romain de Sez, at the French Assize Court of the Department of the Seine, for aiding and assisting in the Escape of General Lavalette. Taken in Short=hand by Mr. Nicholson. With an Account of their Journey to Mons, their Commitment, Examination, &c. &c. with Official Documents. To which are prefixed, Biographical Memoirs of Sir Robert Thomas Wilson.
1816 £195.00
LENNOX (Charles), 3rd Duke of Richmond and Lennox.
A Letter from His Grace the Duke of Richmond to Lieutenant Colonel Sharman, Chairman to the Committee of Correspondence appointed by the Delegates of Forty-five Corps of Volunteers, assembled at Lisburn in Ireland; with notes by a member of the Society for Constitutional Information.
1792 £95.00
Historical Gleanings on the memorable field of Naseby.
1830 £145.00

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