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[BULLOCH (John Malcolm)]
Soldiering and Sailoring in the North-East of Scotland: A Bibliography. [Off-print from 'Aberdeen University Library Bulletin, No. XIV].
1916 £21.00
[CHESTERFIELD (Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of)]
A vindication of a late pamphlet, intitled, The case of the Hanover troops considered: with some further observations upon those troops; being a sequel to the said pamphlet.
1743 £35.00
[CONWAY (Henry Seymour), General]
The Military Arguments, in the Letter to a Right Honourable Author, fully considered.
1758 £65.00
[CROCKER (John Wilson)]
The Battles of Talavera. A Poem.
1809 £295.00
[CROCKER (John Wilson)]
The Battles of Talavera. A Poem.
1809 £110.00
Secret Strategical Instructions, of Frederic the Second, for his Inspectors General. Translated from the German, by Captain C. H. Smith.
1811 £645.00
[HARDWICKE (Philip Yorke, Earl of)]
Two Speeches of a Late Lord Chancellor. Printed from an Authentic Copy.
1770 £75.00
[POTTER (Thomas)]
The Reply of the Country Gentleman to the Answer of his Military Arguments, By the Officer.
1758 £30.00
[RENNELL (James)]
War with France. The only Security of Britain, at the Present Momentous Crisis: Set forth in an earnest address to his fellow-subjects, by an old Englishman.
1794 £75.00
[SACKVILLE (Charles), Duke of Dorset]
A Treatise concerning the Militia, in Four Sections. 1. Of the Militia in General. 11. Of the Roman Militia. 111. The Proper Plan of a Militia, for this Country. 1V. Observations upon this Plan. By C. S.
1752 £125.00
A Treatise on Military Finance...
1797 £85.00
[WILSON (Sir Robert Thomas)]
Narrative of the British Expedition to Egypt. Carefully abridged from the History of that Campaign, by Sir Robert Thomas Wilson. With a Preliminary View of the Proceedings of the French, Previous to the Arrival of the British Forces. In which the Massacre of the Garrison of Jaffa, The poisoning the sick and wounded in the French Hospital, and the principles and conduct of Buonaparte, are further illustrated.
1803 £95.00
CATHCART (Sir George)
Correspondence of Lieut.-General the Hon. Sir George Cathcart, K.C.B., relative to his Military Operations in Kaffraria, until the termination of the Kafir War, and to his measures for the future maintenance of peace on that frontier, and the protection and welfare of the people of South Africa.
1857 £145.00
COCKLE (Maurice J.D.)
A Bibliography of Military Books up to 1642. With an Introduction by Sir Charles Oman.
1957 £30.00
The Policy of the Blockading System refuted, with Observations on the Present Stage of the War! In a Letter to a Friend.
1807 £50.00
Proceedings of a General Court Martial, held in the Orderly Room at the Barracks in Colchester, on seven Officers, of the West Kent Regiment of Militia, by order of Lieutenant-General Lord Charles Fitzroy, commanding the Eastern District, on a Charge exhibited against them by Lieutenant-Colonel Dalton, of the same regiment; with their Defence, and Prefatory Observations. Solicitors for the Prisoners, Mr. Sutton, of Colchester.
1807 £275.00
Proceedings of the General Court-Martial, held at Mussleburgh on the 24th, 25th, & 26th days of September last, for the Trial of Major Tho. Clarkson Moncrieff, of the First, or Berwickshire, Regiment, by orders of His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, Commander in Chief &c. &c.
1807 £145.00
Reflections on the Pernicious Custom of Recruiting by Crimps; and on various other Modes now practised in the British Army. In a Letter to a Friend.
1795 £265.00
CROMWELL (Oliver).
The Life of Oliver Cromwell. Containing his Military Exploits in England during the Grand Rebellion; his Reduction of Scotland, and Conquest of Ireland: His Civil Government, Policy, Treaties with, and Respect paid by him, by Foreign Princes and States. With an Account of the Great Actions performed by his brave Generals and Admirals in the War with the Dutch and the Spaniards.
1760 £75.00
List of Subscribers to the Testimonial Presented by the Quartermaster, N.C. officers, Members & ex-Members of the H. Troop of R. 1st D. Y. C. to Cap. J. Garratt, Esq. on his retirement from the Troop, 1874, after a lengthened service of Forty Years.
1874 £95.00
A True Dialogue between Thomas Jones [a pseudonym], a Trooper, lately return'd from Germany; and John Smith, a Serjeant in the First Regiment of Foot Guards. To which is subjoin'd, a Second Letter, taken from The Constitutional Journal, concerning Mercenaries.
1743 £85.00
The Exercise of the Foot; with the Evolutions, According to the Words of Command, as they are Explained. As also the Forming of Battalions, with Directions to be Observed by all Colonels, Captains, and other Officers in their Majesties Armies. By Their Majesties command.
1690 £475.00
A Kiswahili Instruction Book for the East African Command.
1942 £25.00
ELLIOT (Major G. H.)
Cavalry Literature: A Bibliographical Redord of Works on the History, Organization, Tactics, and Administration of Cavalry.
1893 £250.00
The Fatal Consequences to be feared (if not speedily prevented) by our assisting the Queen of Hungary, and the King of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean, and on the Coasts of Italy, and from the Treaty we entered into with Them at Worms in September 1743. And likewise the Danger of keeping our Lord Mercenary Hanoverian Troops in the Pay, when they are not in the Service of Great Britain. As also the imminent Danger of employing our Naval Force in the Service of Foreigners, and exposing our own Trade to the Depredation of Spain, leaving our own Coast naked and open to the Insults (if not to the Invasion) of France.
1744 £90.00