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Author Title Year Price
HUDSON (Elizabeth) Compiler and Editor.
A Bibliography of the First Editions of the Works of E. OE. Somerville and Martin Ross. With Explanatory Notes by E. OE. Somerville.
1942 £45.00
HYDE (Douglas) & O'DONOGHUE (D.J.) Compiler.
Catalogue of the Books & Manuscripts Comprising the Library of the Late Sir John T. Gilbert.
1918 £75.00
Two Letters on the Subject of the Corporated Society, Adressed to The Lord Lieutenant, The Archbishop of Dublin, and The Bishop of Cork.
1809 £75.00
Papers Presented to the House of Commons Respecting Payments Made by the Government of Ireland, at Par, to all Persons in and from Ireland, since the Union. Ordered to be printed 26th March 1804.
1804 £65.00
The Irish Church Directory and Year-Book for 1899.
1899 £35.00
The Charter of King Charles the Second, Empowering Erasmus Smith, Esquire, to found grammar schools in the Kingdom of Ireland, and erecting a corporation, by the name of the Governors of the Schools founded by Erasmus Smith, Esquire; together with a further charter of King William the Fourth, confirming same... also... Acts of Parliament...
1833 £125.00
Extracts from the First Report of the Commissioners of Irish Education Inquiry, Dated 30th May, 1825. So far relates to the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland.
1825 £125.00
The Seventh Report of the Irish Society, for Promoting the Education of the Native Irish through the Medium of their own Language. For the Year ending 17th March, 1825. With an Appendix, and a List of Subscribers.
1825 £65.00
National Schools of Ireland Defended, in a Letter to the Reverend Doctor Thorpe, Minister of Belgrave Chapel.
1835 £85.00
Catalogue of Publications Issued and in Preparation 1928-1966.
1966 £7.00
[A Rudimentary Treatise on Geology].
1849 £35.00
D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satirae XVI. ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensitae varietate lectionum perpetuoque commentario illustratae et indice uberrimo instructae a Ge. Alex. Ruperti; quibus adjectae sunt, A. Persii Flacci Satirae, ex recensione et cum notis G. L. Koenig.
1825 £345.00
KEMP (John)
Extract from an Account of the Funds, Expenditure, and General Management of the Affairs, of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge: Contained in a Report, Published by Order of said Society, in 1796...
1803 £110.00
KOHL (Johann George)
Ireland. Dublin, the Shannon, Limerick, Cork and the Kilkenny Races, the Round Towers, the Lakes of Killarney, the County of Wicklow, O'Connell and the Repeal Association; Belfast, and the Giant's Causeway.
1843 £65.00
LATUDE (Henry Masers de)
Memoirs of Henry Masers de Latude, who was confined during thirty-five years, in the different state prisons of France. Arranged from the original documents, by Monsieur Thierry, advocate, and member of several academies. Published in France in 1790, and now first translated into English, by John William Calcraft.
1834 £95.00
LENNOX (Charles), 3rd Duke of Richmond and Lennox.
A Letter from His Grace the Duke of Richmond to Lieutenant Colonel Sharman, Chairman to the Committee of Correspondence appointed by the Delegates of Forty-five Corps of Volunteers, assembled at Lisburn in Ireland; with notes by a member of the Society for Constitutional Information.
1792 £95.00
LUCIUS [pseud.]
Letter to a Great Man. By Lucius.
1770 £145.00
LYNCH (William)
The Law of Election in the Ancient Cities and Towns of Ireland traced from original records. With Fac-simile engravings and an Appendix of Documents.
1831 £85.00
The Book of Mac Carthaigh Riabhach otherwise The Book of Lismore. With descriptive introduction and indexes by R. A. S. Macalister.
1950 £595.00
MacNEILL (Eoin)
Phases of Irish History.
1920 £35.00
MARTIN (G.H.) & McINTYRE (Syvia)
A Bibliography of British and Irish Municipal History. Volume I General Works.
1972 £12.00
McDONNELL (Joseph) & HEALY (Patrick)
Gold-Tooled Bookbindings Commissioned by Trinity College Dublin in the Eighteenth Century.
1987 £75.00
MILLER (Liam) Copiler.
Dolmen XXV: An Illustrated Bibliography of the Dolmen Press 1951-1976.
1976 £85.00
MILLS (James) Editor.
Account Roll of the Priory of the Holy Trinity, Dublin 1337-1346 with the Middle English Moral Play 'The Pride of Life' from the Original in the Christ Church Collection in the Public Record Office, Dublin.
1891 £45.00
MOORE (David)
Concise Notices of the Indigenous Grasses of Ireland, Best Suited for Agriculture, with Dried Specimens of Each Kind.
1843 £1950.00

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