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Author Title Year Price
BRESLAUER (Bernard H.)
Bibliotheca Bibliographica Breslaueriana.
2005 £40.00
Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in France and of French Books Printed in other Countries from 1470 to 1600 in the British Museum. [With:] Supplement.
1966 £45.00
Catalogue of Books Printed in the XVth Century now in the British Museum. Part IX. Fascicule I: Holland. Facicule II: Belgium. Lithographic Reprint.
1967 £55.00
The Britwell Handlist or Short-Title Catalogue of the Principal Volumes from the Time of Caxton to the Year 1800 Formerly in the Library of Britwell Court Buckinghamshire.
1933 £85.00
CAXTON (William)
Commemoracio Lamentacionis sive Compassionis Beate Marie. Reproduced in Facsimile from the Unique Copy Printed at Westminster by William Caxton, with an Introduction by E. Gordon Duff.
1901 £60.00
CAXTON (William)
The Metamorphoses of Ovid. Translated by William Caxton, 1480. Volume I, Books 1-9. The Phillipps Manuscript; Volume II, Books 10-15. The Pepys Manuscript.
1968 £245.00
The book of curtesye. Printed at Westminster by William Caxton about the year 1477.
1907 £65.00
Caxton's Advertisement. Photolithograph of the Copy Preserved in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Being One of the only Two Copies Known. With an Introductory Note by Edward W.B. Nicholson.
1892 £20.00
The Churl and the Bird Translated from the French by John Lydgate. Printed by William Caxton About 1478.
1906 £50.00
Eight Papers Presented to the Caxton International Congress 1976. Journal of the Printing Historical Society. Number II 1976/7.
1976 £11.00
The Fifteen O's, and other Prayers. Printed by... William Caxton. Reproduced in Photo-Lithography by Stephen Ayling. [Edited, with an Introduction by Robert Cowtan].
1869 £50.00
John Lydgate's "Pylgremage of the Sowle." Printed by William Caxton at Westminster, June 6th, 1483. A Hitherto Unknown Copy.
1931 £19.00
Paris and Vienne. Translated from the French and Printed by William Caxton. Edited by MacEdward Leach.
1970 £15.00
A Reprint in Facsimile of a treatise spekynge of the arte & crafte to knowe well to dye/traslated oute of frenshe in to englysshe by Willm Caxton. 1485.
1875 £60.00
The story of Queen Anelida and the false Arcite: by Geoffrey Chaucer. Printed at Westminster by William Caxton about the year 1477.
1905 £75.00
William Caxton. An Exhibition to Commemorate the Quincentenary of the Introduction of Printing into England.
1976 £14.00
CHILDS (Edmund)
William Caxton: A Portrait in a Background.
1976 £14.00
CORSER (The Rev. Thomas)
Catalogue of the First [-Fourth] of the Extensive Library Formed by... Comprising a Large Assemblage of Rare and Unique Works of our Early English Poets and Dramatists, Several Volumes by Caxton and other Early English Printers, Manuscripts, Block Books, Etc.
1868 £85.00
CRUTCHLEY (Brooke) Editor.
Siberch Celebrations 1521-1971.
1971 £11.00
DANON (Robert)
Collection Robert Danon. Manuscrits Enluminés et Livres Rare.
1973 £15.00
DAVIES (Hugh Wm.) Compiler.
Catalogue of a Collection of Early German Books in the Library of C. Fairfax Murray.
1962 £30.00
DE RICCI (Seymour)
A Census of Caxtons.
1909 £110.00
DEACON (Richard)
A Biography of William Caxton. The First English Editor, Printer, Merchant and Translator.
1976 £45.00
DIBDIN (Rev. Thomas Frognall)
A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany.
1829 £95.00
DOHENY (Estelle)
The Estelle Doheny Collection from The Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California.
1987 £85.00

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