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Author Title Year Price
[MOORE (Edward)]
The Trial of Selim the Persian, for Divers High Crimes and Misdemeanours.
1748 £275.00
[MULOCK (Dinah Maria, later Mrs. Craik)]
A Life for a Life. By the Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," "A Woman's Thoughts about Women," &c., &c.
1859 £145.00
[OPIE (Amelia)]
Poems by Mrs. Opie.
1802 £175.00
[POPE (Alexander)]
The First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace, Imitated.
1737 £125.00
[RITSON (Joseph)]
Bibliographia Poetica: A Catalogue of Engleish Poets, of the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth, Centurys, with a Short Account of their Works.
1802 £145.00
[STODDART (Lady Isabella Moncrieff Wellwood)]
The Eskdale Herd Boy, A Scottish Tale. For the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons. By Mrs. Blackford.
1819 £85.00
[TAIT (John)]
The Cave of Morar, the Man of Sorrows. A Legendary Tale. In two parts.
1784 £175.00
[TAYLOR (Edward)]
Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespear, and on certain French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians.
1774 £95.00
[TENCIN (Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de)]
The Siege of Calais, an Historical Novel. Translated from the French.
1751 £475.00
[THOMPSON (Isaac)]
Poetic Essays, on Nature, Men, and Morals. Essay 1. To Dr. Askew, of Newcastle
1750 £150.00
[TYTLER (Ann Fraser)]
Mary and Florence; or, Grave and Gay. By A. F. T.
1835 £95.00
[WARTON (Thomas) Editor]
The Oxford Sausage; or Select Poetical Pieces, written by the most Celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford.
1814 £85.00
[WHUR (Cornelius)]
Village Musings on Moral and Religious Subjects. By a Villager.
1837 £75.00
ABBOTT (Wilbur Cortez)
A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell. A List of Printed Materials Relating to Oliver Cromwell, Together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures.
1929 £20.00
Advice to a Painter. In a Poem to a Friend.
1681 £775.00
Four Metaphysical Poets. George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell; A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions of their Poetry and Prose (to the End of the 17th Century).
1973 £12.00
BACON (Sir Francis)
Francisci Baconi Baronis de Verulamio, ...... Opera Omnia, Quæ Philosophica, Moralia, Politica, Historica ..... in quibus complures alii tractatus, quos brevitatis causa prætermittere visum est, comprehensi sunt. Hactenus nunquam conjunctim edita, Iam vero summo studio collecta, uno volumine comprehensa, & ab innumeris Mendis repurgata: cum Indice Rerum ac Verborum Universali absolutissimo, His præfixa est Auctoris Vita. [Edited by J. B. Schonwetter].
1665 £375.00
BARTLETT (Henrietta C.)
Catalogue of Early English Books, Chiefly of the Elizabethan Period. Collected by William Augustus White.
1926 £35.00
The Minstrel; or, the Progress of Genius: and other Poems.
1819 £19.00
BLUNDEN (Edmund) and PORTER (Alan), Editors.
John Clare. Poems chiefly from manuscript.
1920 £35.00
BLUNDEN (William) Editor.
The Poems of William Collins. Edited with an Introductory Study.
1929 £30.00
BRERETON (Frederick) Compiler.
An Anthology of War Poems. Introduction by Edmund Blunden.
1930 £20.00
BRERETON (Frederick) Compiler.
An Anthology of War Poems. Introduction by Edmund Blunden.
1930 £145.00
BROOME (William)
Poems on Several Occasions. By William Broome,
1739 £95.00
Robert Browning: A Bibliography, 1830-1950.
1970 £14.00

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