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[DUVAL (Pierre)]
A Geographical Dictionary, In which are Described the most Eminent Countreys, Towns, Ports, Seas, Streights, and Rivers in the whole World. Very Useful for the Understanding of the Modern Histories.
1678 £475.00
[MACPHERSON (Alexander)]
Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, Etc. Forming the Geographical and Topographical Collection attached to The Library of His late Majesty King George the Third, and Presented by His Majesty King George the Fourth to The British Museum.
1829 £475.00
[WALLIS (John)]
Outline or Skeleton Maps of the Diocese of Exeter. Part 1 [all published]. Containing, in thirteen plates, the Archdeaconry and County of Cornwall, in which the Boundaries of all the Deaneries, Hundreds, subdivisions of Hundreds, and Parishes, are accurately described.
1825 £110.00
Prospectus of a Bibliographical and Historical Essay on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets Relating to New-Netherland, and to the Dutch West-India Company, as also on the Maps / Charts / etc. of New-Netherland, accompanied by an historical map of the country. Compiled from the Dutch public and private libraries, and chiefly from the collection of Mr. Frederik Muller in Amsterdam. [Amsterdam: Frederik Muller, 1854.] [Bound with:] A List of the Maps and Charts of New-Netherland, and of the views of new-Amsterdam.
1854 £145.00
Town and City Maps of the British Isles 1800-1855.
1992 £30.00
BRICKER (Charles)
A History of Cartography: 2500 Years of Maps and Mapmakers. Maps chosen and displayed by R.V. Tooley, Preface by Gerald Roe Crone.
1969 £50.00
BURDEN (Philip D.)
The Mapping of North America (A List of Printed Maps; 1511-1670).
1996 £150.00
BURDEN (Philip D.)
The Mapping of North America II (A List of Printed Maps; 1671-1700).
2007 £190.00
BURDEN (Philip D.)
The Mapping of North America II (A List of Printed Maps; 1671-1700).
2007 £190.00
CARY (John)
Cary's Actual Survey of Middlesex, on a scale of an inch to a mile, wherein the roads, rivers, woods and commons; as well as every market town, village &c. are distinguished, ... preceded by a general map of the county, ... To which is added, an index of all the names contained in the plates.
1786 £1495.00
CHUBB (Thomas)
The Printed Maps in the Atlases of Great Britain and Ireland. A Bibliography, 1579-1870. With an Introduction by F.P. Spent, and Biographical Notes on the Map Makers, Engravers and Publishers.
1927 £50.00
COLBY (Colonel T. F.)
Ordnance Survey of the County of Londonderry. Volume the First [all published].
1837 £275.00
Globes at Greenwich. A Catalogue of the Globes and Armillary Spheres in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
1999 £445.00
GIMSON (Basil L.) & RUSSELL (Percy)
Leicestershire Maps: A Brief Survey.
1947 £12.00
HARVEY (P. D. A.) & THORPE (Harry)
The Printed Maps of Warwickshire 1576-1900.
1959 £30.00
Geography and Astronomy familiarized. For Youth of both sexes.
1800 £175.00
KERSHAW (Kenneth A.)
Early Printed Maps of Canada. I. 1540-1703.
1993 £65.00
Printed Maps of Sussex 1575-1900.
1982 £14.00
LISTER (Raymond)
Antique Maps and their Cartographers.
1970 £9.00
Cruchley's Improved Geographical Companion Throughout England & Wales Including Part of Scotland.
1830 £245.00
MAP. MOGG (William)
Mogg's London and its Environs, Drawn from the latest Surveys. [Mogg's Postal-District and Cab-Fare Map.]
1860 £195.00
A Geological Map of England, Wales, and Part of Scotland. Showing also the Inland Navigation, with the Railroads & Principle Roads.
1838 £1100.00
The Art of the Map-Maker in Essex 1566-1860.
1947 £10.00
MICKWITZ (Ann-Mari) & MIEKKAVAARA (Leena) Compilers.
The A. E. Nordenskiöld Collection in the Helsinki University Library: Annotated Catalogue of Maps made up to 1800.
1979 £225.00
MOXON (Joseph)
A Tutor to Astronomie and Geographie. Or an easie and speedy way to know the use of both the globes, coelestial and terrestrial. In six books. The first teaching the rudiments of astronomie and geographie. The shewing by the globe; the solution of 2. Astronomical and geographical prob. 3. Problemes in navigation. 4. Astrological problemes. 5. Gnomonical problemes. 6. Trigonometrical problemes. More fully and amply than hath yet been set forth either by Gemma Frisius, Metius, Hues, Wright, Blæw, or any others that have taught the use of the globes; and that so plainly and methodically that the meanest capacity may at first reading apprehend it, and with a little practice grow expert in these divine sciences. With an appendix shewing the use of the Ptolomaick sphere. The second edition, corrected and enlarged. By Joseph Moxon, hydrographer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. Whereunto is added the antient poetical stories of the stars shewing reasons why the several shapes and forms are pictured on the coelestial globe. As also a discourse of the antiquity, progress and augmentation of astronomie.
1670 £695.00